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Betta rescue- fin damage

So, today I brought home Cryo, a potentially-stunning peacock-colored betta fish, couple years old. My friend's brother got him as a surprise gift and had only been taking minimal care of him, so when I volunteered, the brother gave him to me. Cryo is a Delta-Tail or possibly a Half-Moon. I can't say for sure as his fins are quite damaged and he won't spread them.

Cryo's fins looked ripped or split for the most part. We're talking very long cuts, though not as far as the base. One follows the natural line of the fins, the other crosses over a few sections, leading me to believe he tore them on the pretty, but very cruel plastic plants that had been in the tank. His top fin is oddly withered, like it's cringing. It doesn't look quite right. No signs of actual fin rot, though- no discoloring and no jagged edges.

Behavior: He's still eating. I fed him some bloodworms and he was delighted. But for the most part he just sits and breathes, he doesn't really swim much. He's also extremely non-aggressive. I had nowhere to put him while I fixed up his tank, so I set him in the goldfish tank with a QT net. He seemed mildly interested, but not really concerned. And then I tried getting him to flare at a mirror, and he actually ran away from himself.

He lives in a 2.5g acrylic tank, filtered appropriately. He seems to perk up a bit after water changes, and I always use conditioner. I've had him just a few hours now. What can I do to help his recovery?
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With just fin damage and not rot....I would do a clean/dechlorinated water treatment in the 2.5gal tank and improved nutrition.....if you have tannins like IAL or Oak leaf....that would help......Since he is new....he needs time...with the improved water quality and nutrition that you plan to just a matter of time....the hardest part of

Watch the filter...sometimes the filter can make it harder for the fins to heal-the water movement even gentle movement can stress the weakened fins and make it harder to recover in the want him to use the fins as little as possible until he gets them healed..

Nutrition-really important...high protein to help tissue development..small frequent meal of high quality varied diet and if you have access to mosquito larva....rinse some larva and feed several every day as one of the have to work on the immune response with good nutrition and quality water.....

You need to post some pic so you can have a before and after log.....he sounds beautiful......
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