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Blind bettas.

OK, so I know that several of us have blind bettas or bettas that are partially blind. I wanted to start this thread so that those of us who have blind bettas can share about how we are taking care of our fish with special needs. Mine is a cellophane and I don't think he's completely blind because he WILL chase his pellets to the bottom sometimes. He doesn't flare at other fish and I can stick my hand in the water and get no reaction. My other fish would either try to bite me or hide. I use a feeding ring so the pellets will stay in one place and not float all over. He seems to know what the feeding ring is for. I have him in a 1 gallon container. I'm kind of afraid to put him in anything biggert for fear it will stress him out.
So those of you with blind bettas, I'd like to hear from you, Maybe we can help each other out.
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I have a blind/mostly blind half moon dragon, and a partially blind dragon plakat. Both are blinded by the same iridescence that makes them dragons. Twit (the plakat) has the iridescence over just the one eye, while Dancer has it over both. Twit doesn't get any special treatment. He's in a 60 gallon along with mollies, platies, gouramis, danios, rainbowfish, and various catfish. I named him Twit because the idiotic thing likes to think he dominates the tank, even trying to take on my gold gourami which is about 20 times bigger than he is (the gourami's a female and completely ignores him, lol). Dancer currently lives in his own 2.5 gallon tank. I'd like to eventually move him up to a 5 gallon so that he can have a couple of cory cats to clean up after him. His tank is bare bottomed. I have fake plants in there that are suction cupped down so that they won't move and confuse him. He's fed once a day at around 10 pm. I tap the side of the tank twice so that he knows it's feeding time, and I always feed in the same corner by dropping the pellets directly in front of him. Occasionally I'll dangle a bloodworm in the water for a treat. Though he can't see (I've done a couple of tests, including using a toothpick to touch his nose), he doesn't seem to have any problems catching the pellets or finding the bloodworms.
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How do you tell if your fish are blind? I know Heather, Suellen, Brent, Skyden and Aubin are fine, considering they've flared several times on cleaning day when I place them in their pet store cups and get pushed up against each other, but I'm not sure about Garland and Melanie.
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