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Ha, okay so I have a pet store employee story. Guy checking out my fish asked me if I wanted them in a bag together. I'm like uh, no, I'll take them. You can't put them side by side like that, they're both male. He's like, no it's fine. They sell mirrors to make them flare. I said, yeah they do. Because it's considered a form of exercise, and helps keep them from getting stressed from boredom...

He didn't have anything to say after that.
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i actually have a friend who comes to me for advice on her bettas. she keeps them in one gallons(except one, who has a larger tanks because his fins are so HUGE), but not only does she keep up with water changes, but she lives in Texas, and it's apparently hot over there. x:

i dream of the day i can help someone out at the pet store. x: the bettas sell well, because lately no one's there longer than a week(they get new bettas in every Wed. and guess where i'm going today? :D), but no one even looks at then while i'm there, so i don't get to talk. D:
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Originally Posted by nel3 View Post
i didnt bother asking bc i didnt want to know just how bad she was with betta. its like avoiding a walmart you know has sick/dead betta. im sure most of theose betta went BC she didnt plug the sink. dont want to know anymore than that myself.

ohman i understand completely. i wouldn't ask anymore either. i'd have a fit if i lost a betta to the drain though.. and wouldn't make the mistake twice.
not to be getting up on a high horse or whatever though, cause we all obviously make mistakes.
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Draug Isilme
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Hey, if it makes ya'll feel better, my friend is beginning to warm up to actually taking care of bettas correctly ^.^ I finally convinced her that the 1.5g I'm giving her should most definately be used for the betta she has now and coaxing her to buy her a cave for it as well! It's still not going to be the greatest situation for the betta 'cause I'm sure she won't keep up with water changes just yet -.- but I know it'll help that poor femmie betta she has and hopefully I'll get get it to where my friend will actually start respecting the breed and treat it like a living creature than a wall ornament! One step at a time, I suppose...
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Receptionists at my work bought 2 goldfish in an ornamental bowl, they didn’t even last a week. I figured it was an ammonia related problem :(

To my horror I now find a glass portioned tank with Betta on one side and goldfish on the other! The poor guy is flaring like crazy I reckon the only time he stops is when he gets exhausted and floats to the bottom. I asked them if they had water conditioner and were changing 100% a day. They said they’re trying to, but I don’t hold much hope for either of them.

I’m thinking about ninja’ing him one day on the way home and saving him. But I only have room for 1 tank at this time. I hope he makes it.

I think the biggest problem with Betta’s are the myths and misinformation that comes from fish store owners and just general information. Even in Australia the pet stores have them kept in small containers half full. I have only seen two stores keeping them relatively well in a glass container that would be considered a .5g to 1g, the latter was where I purchased Victor.

What surprised me even more, was that we have a ‘Dr pet specialist’ TV celebrity who does a weekly spot on different pets. One week it was the Betta, and it was obvious to see that little to no effort was put into researching for the little fellas – and through this method the myths and misinformation was spread further. Only now, as previously posted, everyone is after one for the ease of ‘set and forget’ pet that looks like a pretty accessory.

Leaving the myths and misinformation alone (something that will always exist as the justification for the bad treatment) – we can then concentrate on the people trying to purchase them. Let’s be honest, we humans as a species are lazy and put little effort into any acts of selflessness on average, particularly if it requires pre-thought, preparation or commitment. Betta’s are advertised as a ‘lazy pet’ – small container required, feed once a day, change water once a month! Beauty if you’re a lazy larrikin who wants a no brainer pet. But then your responsibility cap needs to be put on past the intro myths. I and many others on these forums obviously have a large cap, where we don’t believe everything we read, and if we do, we read the fine print before we buy. We research in shallow and eventually to in depth to ensure this is not something we’re going to regret or cause pain and or discomfort to something living.

Of course, it is highly possible that some buyers purchase a Betta on the pretence that they are saving the little guys from a dull and diseased death in their little containers, in the corner of a pet store or aquarium. Yes, this is true I suppose, a crummy existence to only just surviving is a move upwards for them. But humans are capable of so much more compassion, and it’s not like the little guys cost a lot in the long run. If you don’t have any equipment the outlay can be more than expected from the myths, but really it’s not that bad. When you see the reaction and love and personality your Betta develops from your kindness, the expense is worth it.

But perhaps if you can’t justify the expense, a Betta isn’t for you. Perhaps a Dog, or a Cat or a Lizard is more your thing. Buy try costing up those things in the long run as well as an initial outlay! A pet inherently means responsibility, we humans are the dominant species and our pets rely on us to live and provide them with conditions as close to possible as money, effort and good will can provide.

I’ll be honest, when the thought of me getting a Betta crossed my mind around 2 weeks ago, I thought it was a case of get the small tank, nice and easy and the fish. But the responsible person in me wanted information to ensure he lived happily as I could provide. If it was a case of I couldn’t provide the necessary, I wasn’t going to get him. But researching and even these forums alone display that it isn’t difficult to make a Betta a happy little fella – sure you can’t save them all, and sometimes things happen outside of your control. But if you gave it 100%, you should feel good about yourself regardless of the result.

I’m feeling good and I’ve only had Victor for 3 days now, he is swimming happily and I will continue to do my best to ensure he stays that way. One thing to remember is that like humans in life, we’re not all given the same chances or environments. It’s what we do with those chances and how we treat others that matters! Humans and Bettas alike!

As they say in the RSPCA – all creatures great and small.
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Draug Isilme
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+1 Banicks! Dig the hat, btw ^.~ I want it!
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