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Colour Fluctuations

My one boy (the one in my avatar keeps losin colour. I know that sounds a little odd.

I recently moved him into a new tank, which is divided and he can see my other male. his habitat is very similar to his old one.

He suddenly goes pale for no reason and looks as if he has "stripes" on him. Eventually he goes back to his full colour.

Any ideas why this is happening? he is eating VERY well, not really flaring at the other Betta and is swimming as usual because he is always very active.

Im going to try take a before and after picture to show what i mean.

Could it be stress?
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Color loss and stripes are an indication of stress, and can lead to illness as this compromises their immune system.

While many people keep bettas in divided tanks (myself included), there are some bettas which just dont' handle it as well. Your little guy might be just a bit too timid for it. Can you post a picture of the tank? Maybe there is not enough decor. In my own opinion; any betta in divided tanks MUST have enough decor in each side to be able to break up the lines of sight, so they don't each have to look at each other 24/7. And..a cave they can retreat to entirely if they want to be alone.

It could be you are lacking in decor. Or he just might not be a candidate for a divided tank. But were I to try something before removing him, I'd make sure he has enough places to hide. :) In any case, this is something you are going to want to fix fairly quickly; due to the stress making him more susceptible to illness.
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I agree with dragonflie. However, since you did not mention if there is a heater, that could also be a reason for stress. If your tank isn't heated, temperature fluctuations will cause your fish to get stressed.
There is also a slight possibility that he's not quite comfortable in his new home.
I'd go for an opaque barrier if all else fails. :)
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Old 08-16-2011, 01:32 AM   #4 
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Thanks, I will take a picture and post it tomorrow. both my Betta have caves which they retreat to. I use a small pot for each of them which i have faced away from the glass to give them more time alone. Due to the season we dont have too many decent plants so the man i deal with at the store said they should be arriving later in the month.

Plants and decor can be increased, agreed! I will make a plan tonight and try to block off their line of sight more. The new one is very aggressive, the old one has always been calmer and more chilled. He will go to the glass while the new boy is flared up and just ignore him.

But I had to move him, he was originally in with a few Guppies and he successfully managed to injure all but one, mainly at feeding times. So that was my main reason for moving him.

The tank is a little small for a heater but i will enquire at the store when i go in for plants.

Thanks for the good advice, i will certainly act on it today!
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Even a small heater such as can make a difference. Poor guy, just wants to feel like he's the only boy in town :P
Good excuse to get another one.. put him back in his old tank, and get a new one for the other divided section :D Always a bright side to things!
But in reality, I hope he gets better soon, maybe keep the tank lights dimmed/off for a day or so? And add in some stress coat?
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Well, I went and put a few small plants in last night. Im going to find nice bushy ones on the weekend but these will do for now...I have to say that he got his colour back almost immediately! The new boy (Curly) wasn't too impressed that I had blocked off his line of sight, but Sid was thrilled and went straight under his plants (which he had in his old tank) and seems much happier already!

I really just think Sid is more relaxed than this new boy who flares at anything and everything, even his dinner and when I walk past!

Good advice, thanks so much everyone!

Click image for larger version

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