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Exclamation Fin rot or tail biting?

Hi everyone. Last night I noticed that my veil tail boy, Claude, had a tiny hole in his caudal fin. Today he is missing a half-oval shaped chunk from the end of his tail! All of his other fins look great except a tiny big of a ragged edge in one small area of his dorsal, but it is possible that it was like that before and I am just looking more closely now. His tank is a cycled 10 gallon, heated to 78 degrees and filtered. He does not have sharp gravel and his artificial plants are soft. He also has some live amazon sword plant in his tank. I do 50% water changes once a week and refill the tank with conditioned tap water (treated with Prime). He is fed a pre-soaked pellet diet, 2-3 pellets twice a day. I feed Nutra-fin Max and Omega one pellets and he gets frozen (sterilized) blood worms and brine shrimp once a week.

I just filmed this video of him so that you can see exactly what I am talking about. Later in the video I was able to get the camera closer so it is easier to see. The night before last his fins were all fine, then the tiny hole last night, and this is how he looks this evening. He has a great appetite, is active, and his ammonia levels are at 0 ppm. I do not have readings for nitrite or nitrate. On second glance, it looks more like the hole widened and came open than a chunk having been taken out. His tail is sort of hanging open where the hole was. I do not see any white fuzz or anything like that on him and he has no history of illness. I have had him for about one month. He was up later than normal for the last couple of nights since we have had a friend over from out of town, but that is the only stress I can think of that he has been subjected to. Does it look like I should start treating him for anything? I have Maracyn and Maracyn Two powder on hand. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

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