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Crippled/ birth defect betta? Is it possible?

Just curious as my crowntail betta Ash seems to be a little off.

By that I mean his right pectoral fin is bigger than his left a bit and he seems to be able to open his right gill more strongly than the left which seems to hardlyopen at all. Also, when I drop fruit flies into his home, he seems to have a hardtime seeing them. It is like he has to carefully watch them for a bit. He swims around them in tight circles, backs away, and then will go for them. Also I notice at times when he comes up for air he really takes a long gulp, nearly swimming with his mouth open at the surface for maybe 2 seconds.

Ash seems healthy, is making a bubble nest, and I think he is happy as a fish can be. I wonder if I just grabbed a special needs fish at Petco. Doesn't matter as I love the little guy and if he does have a few defects I don't care because he's a character.

Just curious.
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Hehe...I like how you phrased it "special need" fish lol It is possible that either he was injured when he was a fry or simply a genetic defect from birth.

I have one of those. Mine is a darling, but he is slow and came with some genetic defect of SBD so he can't really swim. He acts psychotic by flipping his fins really fast as if he was trying to burrow through the glass or something. He can't see his pellet well even if it's in front of him and it's funny when he tries to exhibit the betta trait of launching for their food/prey act and he always misses and the pellet ended up stuck to his sad dorsal fin and he will be trying to go forward, reverse, and around and around and than he forgets lol I feel bad for him, I just keep him as comfortable and happy in his tank.

I guess you should just continue monitoring if there are changes to his pectoral or gill region to make sure it's not something sinister.

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