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Red face Rescued betta..any advice appreciated.

Tonight I went to Petco to just look at new decorations and I saw a beautiful betta. I was seriously close to picking him up when I saw the one above him. This was a blue/ green VT and I instantly felt bad as he has a bad case of what I am assuming is fin rot. His top fin is deadin the middle and the tip is just hanging there. It reminds me of a snapped tree limb or plant branch. He was sitting in an inch of dirty water and there is green dusty stuff in the bottom of his cup (it seemed most of the cups had this). No clue what it was but when I picked up his cup he was swimming in a debris field.

I wasnt going to get another fish. My girlfriend flat out said NO. We dont have room and we dont have the money. But I felt so badly that a small "discussion" ensued. I know money is tight but even with bad fins he seemed spunky and healthy so I felt compelled to bring him home. I allready had a bowl at home. And as luck would have it they had a bag of gravel on clearance for .70. So then I discussed the fish's condition and they sold him to me for half price. So fish, aquarium salts, and gravel came to $6.

His name is Darby.

I have no pics. But he is a lean, blue/green, spunky machine. Just has cruddy looking top fin. So I would appreciate any advice as I have never doctored a fish before and dont have the funds to do anything major. it was a spur of the moment thing and I hope I am doing right by him.
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For now just clean, warm water and some good food should perk him up considerably. Just adjust him to new water slowly at first so he can get used to it. He sounds pretty healthy otherwise, in terms of pitty buys go.

You can dose aquarium salt at 1 tsp/gal to see if that.'ll help stop any possibly fin rot. You can also feed small, but frequent meals to help him build up some fat/muscle.
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Thanks for the advice. Darby ate well last night. I gave him a couple of fruit flies and some flakes. He is swimming all over his bowl stretching his fins. It is fun to watch them spread out after being cramped in a cup for God knows how long.

If anyone else has anything to add I would appreciate it as well.
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I would suggest getting betta pellets sense they are easier to count and have better nutritional content... also does he have a heater cause that would help him a lot. But like said above good clean water will do wonders for him and is the most important thing!
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