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Emergency help needed!!!

My betta has lived in a 40 gallon tank with several other fish, mainly mollys and tetras for about 5 months, he has had 2 bouts of white spot, and has had his entire fin eaten off (by a fish who is now gone) but has always grown back strong.
My tank is healthy and no new fish have been added for 3 months
PH 6.8
KH 100
GH 250
NO3 10
NO2 0
I found him floating on a plant, then floated to the top vertical, immedietly i have seperated him and this is what hes doing now...
He has a wierd kink in his body right between the bottom and back fin, and he keeps having little fits and twitching really bad with it!
Click image for larger version

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If you have any ideas what might be wrong, and what i can do, please post.

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Sounds like he's been banged around a bit. Bettas are a pretty solitary species. If he makes may be best to find a home where he can live alone. Find a container and put some dechlorinated water in it just deep enough for the fish to reach the surface easily for air. Make sure the water is 78 to 82 degrees. I use Aquarium salt, others here say to use epsom salt...but mix some 1 teaspoon per gallon of water and put him in that water. Probably best to keep it semi dark and peaceful. If you have tannins available add to water also. Good Luck. Change his water everyday for 10 days as well.

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He is most likely stressed and that has caused a compromised immune response.....I would get him in a small QT container and start a treatment....

Premix some treatment water in a 1gal jug of dechlorinated water-Add Epsom salt 2tsp/gal (Not aquarium salt) tannins-either IAL or dried Oak leaf-let the tannin source steep to release tannins and salt to dissolve for 30min-1hr-Shake well before use and use this Tx water for 100% daily water changes for 10-14 days while in a small QT container-temp 76-77F.....

First acclimate him to the TX water by making 50% water change every hour for 2 hours and start the 100% in 24h

Nutrition-feed quality varied diet in small frequent meals...if you have access to mosquito larva-rinse and offer several for one of the meals daily....

Good luck and keep us posted.....
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Ok i tried all i could, had him in salts, then realised he had a fungus growth so treated for that, but he died tonight. Bless him!
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Limeylemon, I'm sorry to hear of your loss.
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