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Old 08-19-2011, 03:49 PM   #1 
Lancer Pants
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Post My new Betta wont eat :(

I got a new Betta fish exactly a week ago and since then he's only eaten one pellet. At first I thought it was because he wasn't comfortable in his new (relativly empty) 2.5 gallon tank, so i went out and got a rock formation, some plants, and some gravel to fill it in. He still wouldn't eat. Then I thought it was the water quality. I had used bottled water to fill up the tank, so i swapped it out for some tap water (that i treated of course). Still didnt help. I also bought a filter for the tank to see if that would make a difference. It didnt. The problem is not that he chews the food then spits it out, the problem is that he seems completly oblivious to the fact that there's food floating on the surface. He doesnt seem like he's starving, he looks fine actually. Could it be that he's nibbling at the plants when I'm not looking? And I havn't yet tried any other types of food. If I should, what type of food would be my best option? Could it maybe be the PH of the water? Or the fact that the pellets stick to the side of the tank?
Any help would be great, thanks.

PS, I know it seems kinda dark but I had been anticipating him to have kicked the bucket by now. Yet he's still swimming around pretty normally (not as stressfully as the first day I introduced him to his new tank)
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I bought some frozen bloodworms today and my stubborn little guy ate them up. He's been here a week too and ate nothing until last night when I tricked him into eating a pellet.
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Don't change his home too much. Let him get use to it. My betta didn't eat for 2 weeks when I first put him in. I was worried of course but then I put in some flakes one day during lunch and he ate. I feed him every day at lunch now. Just be patient
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Be very patient. Some fish are more sensitive than others after being moved. Sometimes they have been treated to something awesome, like live brine shrimp, and are trying to hold out for something like that. I agree that frozen bloodworms would be great to try. Imagine being fed dog food (the cheap stuff too, not the better brands like Blue or Wellness), and then after being offered that (which your probably refused), you are offered a steak cooked exactly how you want. Obviously that analogy doesn't work if your are a vegan... But you get what I am saying.
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