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Anyone tried Rainbow Shrimp? Bamboo Shrimp?

So I've got all three of my boys in a divided tank now. They all seem quite pleased to have 3.33 gallons each. They were in 1.5 gallon water wonders before, so I'm really happy to give them each twice the space they had. I'd like to each a low-maintenance scavenger and cleaner of sorts. My options for the space available, even filtered and heated, really are just snails and shrimp.

From what I've read in other threads, snails are kind of like little squishy poop machines. I'm looking for someone to clean up, not make more messes. So shrimp would be ideal. However I'd like something a bit more durable than the usual ghost shrimp. Less likely to be perceived as a snack. Rainbow shrimp are so lovely, and bamboo shrimp seem to get to a big size. I also looked Amano shrimp, but as each boy has one live plant (Roland and Pei Ling have java fern, Mitch has an anubias) I don't know if they would be a good choice, as I read they'll eat soft plants right up.
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I heard Amano shrimp were wonderful cleaner uppers, and didn't hurt the bettas.
Don't get bamboo shrimp, I have heard way too many stories about them eating bettas.
I have no clue about rainbow shrimp D: I've never even heard of them before!
Edit: sorry! I just realized this was posted a long time ago...
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I've never seen a bamboo shrimp that can eat a betta. ;) Want to know why? I actually know a little about these interesting creatures.

In any case I wouldn't recommend them for anything less than a mature, planted 20g tank minimum.

Bamboo shrimp are filter feeders, meaning they take their nutrients from the water column. They like to perch on objects near filter outputs and it is there that they wave their "fans" to catch any tiny creatures (those things we find gross usually!) and other micronutrients. A younger tank won't have much of these; so they might end up scraping their fans on the decor or substrate when they are hungry...but this can damage the delicate appendages. Here is a video of one appropriately feeding:

I don't think I really answered your question and I'm sorry, but I wanted to talk a little about this amazing creature. ;)
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