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Odd Fluid Build up in Betta

For about two months, my betta has been growing a lump on her side. Initially I thought it was a tumor, but it appears to be completely fluid. Maybe it's a cyst? She is a whitish/pink color and is mildly transparent so I can see the outlines of her organs and the fluid is not inside any organs. There isn't an overall fluid build up in her abdomen like bettas normally have when they have dropsy, so I highly doubt that's what it is. The fluid build up is in a concentrated area. Her scales are raised, but only on the lump. She does have some redness on her scales that wasn't there before. And she is breathing heavily. Other than that, her activity and appetite is completely normal.

I have considered using a syringe to drain the fluid, but I've read posts about other people doing that and it seems to result in death half the time.

She is in a divided 10 g tank with 1 other betta. It's 76 degrees F and filtered. I do a 30% water change every week. She eats two pellets twice a day, but I cut back to two pellets once a day to help with her bloating.

This started as a small lump forming on her side and is now a very large lump with additional fluid build up on her other side. I'll post previous pictures I took when i first noticed and then again after a few weeks passed.

Please tell me what I can do to help her.
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The first photo is when I first noticed the bump. It's horrible quality, but you can see the outline of her body and the bump on her right side. The second photo is 2-4 weeks after the first one. The bump has grown some. Now from the photos above, you can see how significantly the bump has grown from the first photo until now.
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those are tumors. My girl had them as well. There is nothing you can do since tumors are genetic and uncurable really. The only thing you can do is wait it out - meaning keep an eye on them and eventually your fish will pass away. My girl lived for 6 months with tumors so it is possible to have some time left with your fish. Keep her comfortable. And if you notice that the tumors are having a really big effect on her quality of life then you might want to think about euthanizing her. otherwise just let nature run its course.
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