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Metal, That was a great article.. Very informative. :)
It must have been very difficult for you to write... Thank you, I'm sure it will help a lot of people. :)
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Originally Posted by lessandler View Post

I wish there was another way. I never can understand when I read that it is a bacteria that is everywhere, only affects fish when they are stressed and yet you should break the whole tank down. I am always confused about that because it seems to contradict each other.
I don't totally understand it either, I would assume that if the disease is allowed to develop on a host, the concentration of the bacteria would be much higher than normal. That's my best guess. I prefer the better safe than sorry approach personally! lol
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Thanks so much metal. I have created a new thread for my issue. Sorry to hijack.

I am know thinking it is not columnaris, because I have not seen a single pic of it that looks like my fish. He has also had it for maybe even 3 weeks, so I would think he'd be dead by now. Anyway if you don't mind, I would really appreciate if you took a look at the pics and see if yours looked like it.

Thanks again!
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my cute fish 123
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It is very painful. Especially if you really loved your fish. Hope everyone's fish live long happy lives
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I think my fish may have this. His fin turned white! Where can I get the med fast?! I'm getting so hopeless. I've used betta fix and ICK remedy because of the petsmart workers. I new ick wasn't it!! Im so mad a petsmart. Do they give people sick fish just so we buy every med on the shelf. He has finrot and slow columnaris the patch hasn't gone away in a while. I'm going try ask my mom to go to the store again. I'm taking your info with me.
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Exclamation Where to get?

Where do I find these products? We recently bought the tank with the separator one of the fish got through they were fighting and then we separated them and only one of the fish ends up losing his fins and has the white cotton he stuff on him now & he is at a 90degree angle with his face towards the bottom & wont eat. They started fighting on Friday, we seperated them on Saturday & today is Monday & he's not looking so good... I'm pretty sure it's columnaris. Petsmart never heard of it & recomended betta fix :(
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