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Skin & Gill Flukes and Tank Sterilization

Sorry to continue to post on this matter, but I am not sure what to do with the reoccuring skin and gill flukes Floyd is suffering from. He had them pretty badly when I got him, to the point where he was gasping at the surface, but still active and eating.

I treated with API's General Cure and saw him leap in the air and bite at the things flying off of him. After that he had what appeared to be an instant recovery, with only some small skin wounds where the parasites exited.

Now 2 months later he has opaque white patches (he is a platinum dragon so they are subtle) on his body. From my research and OFL it appears to be parasites and the return of the skin flukes. From my research I thought Prazipro to be the safest and most effective treatment.

I removed my plants and treated him in his home tank - a cycled and heated 6.6 gallon fluval chi. His parameters are Ammonia - 0, Nitrite - 0, Nitrate <5, ph 7.6. The prazipro did not have the same effect as the API and had no noticable immediate effect.

My main question is this. Should I QT him and break down the tank? I am leaving for a week in 1 week and am concerned that my mother (who will be watching the house, dogs and fish) is not capable of properly changing the water in the 5 gallon uncycled (but heated and filtered) QT tank. And I really am disheartened by the idea of emptying and bleaching the tank, throwing out substrate, plants, decor and siphons. And then restarting the whole cycle...

Is this necessary or can I eradicate it with prazipro only? I know that the flukes create very hardy cysts and are difficult to irradicate, but is there anything I can do in the home tank - high temps, salt, PP or anything that would save me from sterilizing the tank and trashing everything?

Thanks for reading this and I appreciate any responses...
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