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Old 08-23-2011, 03:27 PM   #1 
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Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: Dallas, TX
Unhappy I was a very bad fishmom :(

So I bought frozen bloodworms over the weekend for the first time (along with Jack and Sawyer, my newest guys) and pulled some out this morning to give everyone a treat for my birthday LOL.
Well with the sorority, I was an idiot and gave them too much. A lot of worms fell to the bottom of the tank. Rose and Ana Lucia were being huge pigs and eating as much as they could find. I knew they couldn't fit that much in their little bodies but they kept going :( It would have been funny if I didn't think it was hurting them!
Finally I got them both out of the tank and fished out as much worms as I could find. They both were bloated pretty bad. When I left for work, Rose was hiding in one of the treasure chests - I know she wasn't feeling good. Normally she is with the other girls at the front of the tank begging for food. Needless to say the sorority is going on a fast for a couple of days. I feel so guilty!! Is there anything else I can do? I heard epsom salts is good - to help things moving along - would it be good for the sorority?
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I would probably just fast them and keep and eye on them. I use a pair of somewhat long tweezers to feed my bettas frozen bloodworms, that way I can make sure I know who's getting what and how much.
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Location: Dallas, TX
Good idea. I should use tweezers to feed my girls on a regular basis.
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Or a baby medicine dropper. ;) That's what I use. I can slurp up one at a time with it. Or many, if I'm feeding the community tank. And I don't have to worry about squishing them (eww).
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Old 08-23-2011, 04:19 PM   #5 
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Yes Epsom salt is good for that but Littlebittyfish is right i would just fast them for a few days first and keep eye on them. I think if they active and want to eat they are fine. But i also think that u need to make some water changes. The water probably contaminated from so many blood worms and they can get infections, especially if some blood worms still in the water. I would definitely change the water.

Usually if fish not active (lethargic and will refuse to eat) then u need to use Epsom salt. And it special instructions on how to use the salt treatments.

I hope they will feel good and you don't need to treat them.

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definitely do a water change. i usually thaw my kids' bloodworms out with dechloronated water, rinse 'em out in a brine shrimp net and put 'em in a covered dish with a bit of dechoro water to keep as much of the nastyness out of their tanks as possible (and refrigerate the leftovers). and whatever slips past 'em, out comes the turkey baster (i've got one for poo detail and one for nom detail).
pack of greedy guts, the lot of 'em
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