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Any reason why a fish's gills can turn blue?

I have 2 betta fish, a female and male, in separate (completely) tanks... There is nothing similar between the two. Hers runs warmer, his has live plants, she has larger dollar store stones, he has pebbles, etc. The list just goes on.

The one thing that is the same was a few days ago I found an algae thing in BOTH their tanks. It wasn't typical algae, it was a fluorescent green/blue color almost like a marker had leaked or something. It was on their filter pads (so removed the filters) and in his tank on his skull decorations.

2 days ago I noticed he was becoming blue around the gills. I found it odd, but he's blue, so no big deal.. now I have noticed SHE has it too! Same color even. She isn't blue, her body is neutral and her fins are red (blue streaked, though) but she isn't really blue.

It is just very odd to me... so to be on the safe side, is there any disease/illness (perhaps caused by an algae?) that can cause this? They seem very healthy and eat, swim normally, flair, aren't lethargic, gill function normal, and just their normal selves.

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The gill lamellae that are normally red in color are blue.....correct.....usually when the gills change from normal oxygenated red color to violet, brown it can be a sign of nitrite poisoning or chlorine that cause the hemoglobin to convert to methemoglobin that can't carry the oxygen, however, you will have other sign of the fish gulping at the surface, rapid gill movement, gasping, clamp fins, hanging at the surface, stop eating...etc.....since your fish are not showing any signs/symptom.......not sure what is going on....if its around the gill plate and not the gills themselves...most likely normal pigment changes....

The algae in your you know what kind it is.....look up BGA or cyanobacteria and see if that is what you have in your can cause problems for some species of fish and inverts when bad enough....but I have never seen it cause health problems with Bettas...not that it can't.... just not in my tank that had BGA and Bettas.....
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