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Dwarf Platies?

I was searching the tank picture thread and saw that people were housing other fish with male bettas. I have always housed my bettas separately so that really interested me. I had been planning to get a 5 gallon, which I read is not suitable for more than two separate male bettas or a betta and some shrimp or a snail.

I didn't see anything about platies right off the bat, but I do know that dwarf platies can usually be housed in a 5 gallon with no problems since they're small.

Any experience with a male betta and dwarf platies in a 5 gallon? Or at all?

I'm not set on getting other fish, it's just something I'd like some information about. =) I don't really want to go bigger than 5 gallons at this time. We do have a 29 gallon RES tank with 2 regular platies.
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Not reccomended, at least a 10 gallon for platies since they are schooling fish and have HEAVY bio-load, for a 5 gal, you can either split and have another betta, and/or throw some shrimps or a snail in
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Sena Hansler
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You need at least a 10 gallon to house anything more. A five gallon is good for a betta and shrimp, or betta and snail (zebra, horned, apple, onion)

I have had my bettas without problems with many fish, including platys, danios, tetras of sorts, mollies (regular and balloon), guppies and others... I introduce the betta to the fish - not the other way around. this way it is not his territory
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