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Old 08-26-2011, 11:18 PM   #1 
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G'Day All,

After my water change yesterday, Victor appears to have tail bite either from his temporary housing whilst cleaning or movement back into tank post-water replacement.

I've monitored his movements today and he does not seem agitated any further or stressed. But I want to ensure proper treatment and healing.

After my visit to my fish guy, he recommended API - Pimafix. The details of which are below:

"Antifungal remedy for the management of aquarium fish.

ACTIVE CONSTITUTES: Pimenta racemosa (Bay oil) 9.8g/L

Rapidly aids healing of fungal infections on body and fins."

Does anyone know if this will be suitable for his repair?

My water conditioner is Sera aquatan (no stress coat available at store).

Also good news is that my pH is 7.0, neutral! But my ammonia is a little high - he said to wait 2 days and measure again. Perform water change.

Any help appreciated!
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I'd stay away from any of this 'fixs(Pimafix, bettafix, melafix...); they all have something in them that can damage the labyrinth organ of your Betta.
They don't really do much either IME....

So long as he appears normal otherwise, clean water is all you need(perhaps a little AQ salt for a few days if you REALLY feel the need to treat). I little nip to the tail isn't that big of a deal. Even if he just decides to nom away at his tail for whatever reason he gets in that little head of his....its not something you need to really be concerned about so long as he isn't showing any other usually sickly signs(spots, fuzz, paleness, lethargy, heavy breathing...).
Just keep his water nice and clean and it should heal up all on its own ;)

I'm a little confused; are you cycling the tank he is in? o.o It sounded like at first you had done a full water change at first...but then you mentioned ammonia levels and partial changes...?
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Old 08-26-2011, 11:43 PM   #3 
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I think there is no actual "cure" for tail biting. It's like biting nails, you do it when you're bored. (Or well I do that when I'm bored).

Fin Biting
•Symptoms: Not to be confused with Fin/Tail Rot, Fin or Tail biting is when a betta bites his own tail, tearing off pieces. Fins will be ragged, they will look like there are chunks missing, Fin loss can occur overnight, The tips of the fins are clean, no black or red edging, You may spot him swimming in circles, chasing his tail, There may be no other behavioral change
Bettas bite their own tails out of boredom or misplaced aggression. To cure his boredom, try getting him a larger tank, move things around in the tank to spark his interest, put a mirror up to the tank a few times per day to let him exercise, offer a variety of foods, get him some tank mates (research into this first though), or put his tank next to another betta’s tank ect… Owners of fin biters often have to deal with their tendency for a lifetime but do what you can to draw his attention from his fins. When your betta does have a fin biting episode, it is important to keep his water extra clean to prevent infection. You can treat him for a few days with Aquarium Salt until you see regrowth but you do not want to overuse it. Using Stress Coat as the water conditioner will help fin regrowth.

^ Taken from DarkMoon17's thread. I know you have a large tank for your lovely Betta, maybe it's because he's bored?
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Old 08-26-2011, 11:48 PM   #4 
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Location: Sydney, Australia
Thanks DragonFish. I will steer away from it - going to have to buy some AQ salt ASAP just in case.

I am undertaking a cycle. I've had him for almost week now, I undertook my first water change (50%) last night.

The pet store guy tested my ammonia and nitrite levels, as well as pH. He indicated to me that my ammonia is relatively high, and that I should undertake a further 20% water change in 2-3 days. However, because I bought some ammonia and nitrate testers - I though I might test before I undertake the 20%?

Micho thanks mate. I had a read of that also before heading to the fish store. Unfortunately he did not have any AQ salt, so it's a definite online buy for me today.

I know, I don't know if he wants a larger tank or not. I'm thinking either it was the stress of the water change or perhaps boredom with his tank. I bought, in addition to the testers, a light and a new piece of driftwood with a small anubias attached (pics will come this evening). I've placed this on the other end of the tank, and quite honestly I don't think I've seen him this active before!

Hopefully this will cure his boredom - if it doesn't maybe a larger tank will be required! In which case I will have room for a second Betta in his old tank - aww gaw, they are addictive aren't they!
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Old 08-27-2011, 08:00 AM   #5 
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He very well could not have liked being moved from his tank for the water change. This is one of those things you'll have to judge based on personality of the individual betta; some get upset when they're moved out, some are upset if they are kept in.

I keep mine in. They might get in my way a little out of curiosity sometimes; but they don't seem bothered by the siphon at all. And a couple I have had in the past felt it was a good time to try and bite the debris going up the tube! O.O With my first betta in the past, I initially took him out during a water change..and he took a nice bite sized chomp on his tail. I never removed him after that and he was quite happy to watch me work lol; and he never bit his tail again.

Your tank is beatiful, by the way. :) If you're wanting to give him anything else, might I suggest a small cave where it will be mostly dark? I haven't seen a betta yet that doesn't love having his own "man cave." Mine love to sleep in theirs (and unfortunately poop in them too).

*doh! I just looked at the pics again, if your driftwood is hollow forget I suggested the cave lol.

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Old 08-28-2011, 02:55 AM   #6 
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Location: Sydney, Australia
Thanks dragonflie - I may try leaving him in next water change to see how he reacts. One thing is certain, he didn't like his temporary home.

The driftwood doesn't have a pure cave, a very small one which he likes to sneak into. But with the addition of the light, I think I will find a few stones to create a natural cave using an anubias to create part of it.

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