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My bettas of the past (pic heavy!)

It was really hard on me when I lost these guys. Except for 2 of them, all the rest I lost in succession for mysterious reasons...reasons I to this day am still not privy to. Losing them made me run away from bettas for a long while. Now that I am trying again with Buttercup and Skye, I thought I would honor those I loved before here, with pictures and with things that made their personalities unique; and when available, videos.

*just a note* That tree stump you'll see more than once? Yea I had a few of those lol. I'm convinced they are the best betta cave ever; ALL of my bettas loved it.


Devo was my first betta. He was an absolute delight. I kept him in his minibow in my living room, where he got to spend most of the day with me and my son. He was a feisty one; when it came to my hubby. For some reason he tended to flare and give him the mean face every time he came near. My hubby decided Devo was jealous of him lol.

Aragorn was another feisty little devil. He was my "desk buddy" for awhile. I had his tank on my ginormous computer desk. He tended to get really fascinated by all the objects to look at on my desk. One time I had a mini flashlight standing near his tank, and he took particular offense to it. He spent the next 20 minutes staring it down and giving it a mad flare. ;)
Video available here:

Proteus and Poseidon I unfortunately did not get to know. :( They were beautiful and shy for the week I had them. They are also the reason I won't buy anymore fish from Petco. I had them each a week; and they died in the almost exact same amount of time. I never knew the reason they behaved as all my others had. I just woke up one day and they were gone.

Merlot was the only one I had that was on the shy side, at least as far as flaring goes. He was the quickest to greet me in the morning; and probably had the most adamant begging dance. He was probably the sweetest betta I ever had.
Merlot in the begging video:

Mephisto, my proud little one. He was my "puff up and look as big as possible" flarer. He never tried to get at his reflection much. He spent his energy trying to look as large as possible. :) He was also my silly one that liked to chase the tiny bubbles that my filter produced. He'd sit near the output and stalk them like a cat; and chase and eat them.
Bubble hunt:

Blueberry was a vain little thing. He never cared a whole lot for his reflection. I swear I would almost hear him sigh, "oh this again?" But he loved to pose for the camera. :) He was the most photogenic of all my bettas. He always managed to hold his positions long enough for me to get a great shot; something none of my others managed to do.

Ah my Zephyr. This one still stings. He was my first dragon. He was also probably my most aggressive. He had a face like a little bulldog. He wasn't much of a food beggar either; he would just stare at me and wait, as if he was above begging. :) He also was an obsessive bubble nest builder. He would rebuild every one I broke without fail.
Bubble nest building:

Calypso was the only little girl I had; and also Zephyr's sister. They were from the same spawn; and I kept them side by side in their own tanks. I didn't let them see each other most of the time. Occasionally I'd lift the card though and let them have a glimpse. She was also a very feisty little girl, and would flare madly at her reflection, in her little girlie way lol.
Girlie flare:


I still miss them all so much. But I'm glad I have photos and video to remember them by.

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You've have some really gorgeous bettas. I'm sorry you had to lose them :c
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RIP lil guys :(
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Those were some beautiful bettas. You put together a sweet little memorial to them all. I'm sorry you had so many deaths :(

RIP fishys - you are very obviously missed.
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I'm sorry you lost your fish. They were all so beautiful.
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