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Zoo Med Mini Betta Bowl Heater.

Does anyone use or has used the Zoo Med Mini Betta Bowl Heater? Is it reliable? I know a lot of people suggest a steady temp control heater but i only have a 1.5gallon tank for my Baby Betta and the water stays at a good 75. It just needs a little warmth in the morning to keep it from dropping a degree or two and keep lil Squirtlee happy. Just wanna know if its a good buy for a little heat.
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I had one, it's a waste of money because while it DOES heat a degree or two it doesn't last long enough to off set the cost of buying it. If you want a pre-set remember that they have the potential to get too hot if there's anything wrong with the internal thermometer and some people have lost fish I believe.

I had the 10 watt Aqueon heater for almost 2 years so I can justify that one. Same with the pre set Tetra one from WalMart. I used that one for about a year and half (I guess it still works, I gave it back to mom where it collects dust). If you only have a 1.5 gallon tank, then opt for a small pre set of at least 10 watts, but preferably a higher.
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I had a 25 watt in a gallon tank before getting a 2.5 tank- which I highly recommend for a baby because my little guy grew WAY faster when he was given more swimming room. Babies need at least 80 degrees for their immune systems or they will have stunted growth. Get the hydor pre-set or I have the marina adjustable. around 13 dollars.
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I have been using mine for a couple months and it only heats a couple degrees above ambient temp and is a waste of money. In my opinion it's SO much easier just to take $20 and get a 25watt or 50watt adjustable. It might look a bit big in your 1.5 but you probably will upgrade once your betta is bigger and you don't want to keep having to buy new heaters. I highly recommend you get an adjustable heater, it's so much easier to work with because the temperature will stay stable no matter if the temperature fluctuates in your room. And you won't come back after a day and find your tank at 90 degrees F because you bought a 30watt non adjustable and put it in a 2.5gal. True story. Just buy an adjustable. Do it. Don't bother with anything else.
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