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Intrducing, Lucky!!!

Hey all! I am really, really sorry if there is an actual thread somewhere for this. (and ADMINS, if there is, plz PM me the way to find this thread, pweaze?...and if not, let's make one?) But anyhow, I am just so overtly excited to introduce Lucky. He's the first Betta I've had in years. I bought him for my gf to get her into the passion with me. He is a Male (I wanna say Crowntail) Right now he is in a vase, but he's getting either a 5 gal-10 gal here in the next 48 hours. but surprisingly he seems to really love it in his vase. blows bubble nests like crazy. I've been told they do that if they are happy, that true?

Anyhow, how Lucky got his name. We had gotten him home, and set up, and we were admiring how cute he is. then went to get a pop from the vending machines. I forgot something, so before coming in, I took off again. I come home to my gf in tears. I ask her whats the matter. Apparently, my Siamese kitty knocked all his water over. had the fish in his mouth. he dropped it. but my gf said he wasn't moving at all. she put him back in the water, and he seemed ok. No ripped fins, 1 single scale missing, and he made a FULL recovery with alot of TLC on my end. so yeah, that's Lucky. soon he will be getting a much, much larger home. and I'm thinking of putting a divider in there, and finding a friend for myself to add to the other side.
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Congratulations :)
Making bubblenests are usually in instinctual thing- I've seen a lot of petstore bettas with big bubblenests. But you can usually count on the fact that if they have a bubblenest in bad conditions, they're a little bit hardier then other fish. But if there's a giant bubblenest across the whole vase or very thick, he probably is happy :)
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Well, with that being said. Lucky must be a very very happy fish. I'm wondering how he's gonna like his new 5 gallon, but I'm thinking I'm actually gonna go 10. and split it with a diff betta. If he seems happy, he's gonna stay in it. but if he seems less happy, he can keep his home he has now
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