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Ugh.. tailbiting? :/

so, i think my little red is tailbiting.

he first did it on august 20th, i woke up and he was fine, then after i took a shower, there were bits gone from his tail. it worried me because i was going to sleepover at a friend's house that night, and i thought it would get worse the next day.

when i came back the next evening, his tail was almost healed, to my surprise. i was expecting the worst, and thought that half of his tail would be gone. before i left, i put a few buttons in his tank to entertain him. i don't know if it was because of that, or if he just didn't feel like biting anymore.

his tail was practically fully healed until i saw that bits were gone again last night. he was fine the whole day, then when i came back from grocery shopping, his tail was a wreck.

could there be any other reason why he would want to tailbite besides boredom or aggression? i don't think it's out of aggression because he never flares at anything. i don't know why he'd be bored, he's always exploring and swimming around in his tank. :/

i've only ever seen him nip at his tail once, that was about two weeks ago, and when he did, he didn't seem to take out a piece. but, i don't think he's been a long-term tailbiter.

this morning it occurred to me that his tail might have ripped on a plant, but i tested all my plants on panty hose and they never snagged. there was a small plant that was attached to the cave, and it was kind of iffy, so i cut it out today, just in case.

i've heard that usually there are small U's when a betta bites, but they're more like slits, which is why i was thinking it might have been the plant. :/

it's just frustrating because he's healing from fin rot, and he's been doing really well, and if he's tailbiting, it's just going to be a huge setback.

here are some pics:

i've circled the parts of his tail that are missing, the huge gap in his tail was from the fin rot.
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