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How does this sound tank wise?

A 55 gallon tank with 6 betta girls, 4 ghost shrimp, a pleco, a very young platy, possibly 4 guppies (petsmart gave them to me for free. They're in my mom's tank until they're old enough that my girls won't eat them.. LOL Not positive they are guppies though) and a few neon tetras?

What about minnows? I had a rosy red minnow I was going to feed to my turtle, but I changed my mind and let her go into my tank..
but then I got her 3 more minnow friends because quite frankly, she was beginning to think she was a betta (no, seriously..she followed them, slowed down her swimming, was relaxed and calm..) and she STILL thinks she's a betta.. She's so confused about these new minnows.. LOL

Anyways, does that sound like an alright community tank? Should I put the minnows in a 5.5 gal by themselves because of how speedy they are?
I'm worried they will tick off my betta girls, but in a 55gal with plenty of hiding spots, would that be an issue?

Thanks in advance!!
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I doubt the minnows would bother your bettas- they are friendly and usually not nippy. The tetras I wouldn't try, they can bit somewhat nippy of other fish. As long as you make sure everyone gets enough food and hiding spots, this sounds fine to me. Just as long as you watch the tank for the first few days everything should be fine. Your bettas may eat the ghost shrimp if they are small :p
People seem to have a lot of problems with bettas and guppies so I'd say give them the 5.5gal tank to themselves instead of the minnows.
I just noticed no one's replied to this topic
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