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New 5g, plant question

So I'm getting a new five gallon soon and I want to try out live plants.

What plants are good to use in a small tank? And are relatively easy keepers?
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I'm bumping this thread so you can get some answers.
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Java ferns

These plants are the most resilient of all. They are low light too, so you can usually get away with whatever stock lighting your tank has.

You could also try stem plants such as anacharis, hornwort, moneywort, pennywort, ludwiga, wisteria, etc but these need slightly more lighting. Floating plants such as frogbit, duckweed, and water lettuce are the best at maintaining good water quality as they suck up ammonia and nitrates quite quickly due to the fact that they have the "aerial advantage" and have access to as much co2 as they want (unlike submersed plants which only have access to however much co2 in the water - this limits their growth).
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For something that small, "beginner" plants are just not going to cut it.

You'll need plants that aren't sensitive. On a 5 gallon you'll be doing water changes up to 50% and need some pretty vigorous siphoning of the gravel. Some beginner plants are highly sensitive to up-rooting or changes in the substrate.

I would suggest plants that don't root, actually. Anacharis, anubias, certain crypts, mosses, etc are all great options. Perhaps some rocks (the lava rocks look great) with anubias tied to them, some baby tears draping the bottom or coming out of cave decor, and perhaps a few hardier rooted plants to line the back?

I'd do a lot of research before getting into it, if you have other specifications post them up! (:
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