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Draug Isilme
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Sponge filters are also nice to have because they don't have a chance of sucking up your fish, nor is there a possibility of your betta swimming or jumping into it. There are easy and cheap ways to adjust the output of your sponge filter as well, if the agitation is too much for the betta to handle.
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Originally Posted by Terrie View Post
Sorry for posting twice, but now that I know my tank is probably very ideal in size! I need a few more pointers...

Ok so I need a heater correct?
I have a filter but I read low settings is ideal?
I definitely want to do the sorority in the future but for now can I start off with one female?
With the tank, I was given conditioners for the water to set the pH to 7.0, is that okay or do I need to purchase another one? (I also have the conditioner to remove chlorine/ammonia).

Also, what do bettas eat? And what kind of feeding schedule would they require?

And finally! With this large tank, how often should I change up the water? (this is where I am least knowledgeable). Do I have to pre-condition the new water before putting it in the tank? Or do I just mix in my tap and add the conditioners accordingly? Oh! and while changing the water, do I take the fishy out or do I let her swim in the new water right away?

Thanks!!! Sorry for the long post, I want to do this right!
Some people use pH conditioners, but most of us don't. You can if you want to, or if your water is extremely soft (it's very difficult to make hard water soft). Usually regular water conditioner is fine.

In theory, you could start with one female to ease yourself in, but I think LittleBettas is right that a sorority should all be bought together. Or at least all put into the tank around the same time. I feel like it would stress your first one out to suddenly be joined by six friends!

Also as LittleBettas said, pellets tend to be the best betta food. They're usually more nutritious than other prepared foods and they're easy to portion control (bettas are little pigs and will eat until they almost literally pop. Don't let them!). You want food with a high percentage of protein. For variety, you can use a good brand of flakes, and frozen or freeze-dried bloodworms / daphnia / brine shrimp. Frozen are much better, though--if you don't mind the mess, they can be a staple along with your pellets.

For water changes, I put tap water in a clean water jug, add the conditioner and let it sit for a minute before I add it to the tank. HOWEVER. You probably want to cycle your tank since it's so big. There's a sticky for that here. If you don't cycle, you'll end up with a LOT of water changes.
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Thanks for the additional advice, I will definitely read that sticky about the water cycling...
As far as food goes, (if I get more than one betta) how do I make sure each one gets their appropriate share of pellets? In other words, how do I assure that one doesn't eat the others' food? Or do I separate them to eat?
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Hello again! I just finished resetting up my tank. It was way over due on the water change, here are a few pics. I also picked up a heater for I just need a couple days for the pH to adjust and I will add in some girls :)

Front view (dont mind the white dog tail in the middle lol)

Side View
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