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Divider failure

Well, my own damn fault on this one. I was rearranging my tank tonight (since it's getting colder I gotta get all my boys into heated water for the winter and pack up the smaller tanks). Anyway, long story short I get all set up, release them, watch for ten mins, everything's fine.

Then my lovely silly indoor cat bolts outside. I went to go take care of her. (which was unsuccessful. That rotten kitty making me tromp around in the rain for half an hour).

I get back into my room, put on some dry clothes... and look over to see Calder and Scrappy both in Calder's section, and both looking rather beat up. And still going at it. I separated them both (it's amazing how a life and death battle can temporarily stop over a pellet in the water). I have dyi dividers, and I think I found the problem, a very small gap up by the filter).

No one's missing a lot of fin, though both of them have tears and pinholes. Scrappy is a little less active, though he's happily eating in his cup. He's a rescue VT and was just starting to regrow his fins (methinks someone dumped another male in his cup at the store).

Anyway, the offending fish are cupped. Care options? I have a planted tank, so even with QT cups I'm a touch leery about using salt on them. Any meds that are plant friendly that you can think of for me to pick up? I'll be switching everyone over to frozen bloodworms for all meals until they're patch up.

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Out of curiosity, why would you be leery of using salt if they are in cups? Are you floating the cups in the tank and worried about the salty water spilling into the tank? And sorry, offhand I can't think of any plant that withstands salt. Well, except for plastic or fabric.

The best treatment option I can think of is 1 tsp of AQ salt per gallon. You don't NEED to use it, though. The fins will heal on their own. It's just that the salt will help guarantee that the rips and tears won't get a secondary infection. If you don't have it already, I would also recommend Stress Coat. It's very good for ripped fins.

Glad both are doing okay. Good luck with them!
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I personally find that Stresscoat+ and clean water do the trick after a day or two of AQ salt to kill any bacteria.

You could get a piece of tupperware to pre-mix some salt to use in their cups, I find it easier that way. If you dump it in along with them, it won't dissolve fast enough and can cause high concentration salt areas which can shock them.
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