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Post About heaters and water conditioning (need advice)

Hello! I posted previously about my white half moon. My question is, how do I treat the water? I have Aqueon BettaBowl Plus and API Strezz Zyme+. My bowl will be filled to about 1000ml (or slightly less). When I asked they said a drop or two of each will be good enough to maintain the water since the bowl is small. Should I stir the conditioners in as well? (right now I'm letting the water sit after adding the conditioners).

Should I be adding more than that and if I go overboard (extra drop or two) with the conditioners will it harm my bettas?

I know for my bettas to be happy it needs to have a water temperature of high 70s, is there a really small heater I can obtain or that exists for a bowl that small and, if not how do you suggest I maintain the temperature during winter time if I am unable to get a bigger tank for my bettas?
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I use Amquel water conditioner and I highly recommend it, but I'm sure your conditioner is fine as well. Add a couple drops, maybe swish the water around a bit but no need to really stir.

I believe zoo med makes a small bowl sized heater; check Amazon? I know I saw one at my local pet store. Really, though, bettas do better in at least 1.5 gallons, heated and filtered. Walmart has some cheap tanks that are still decent quality. With a bowl that small you would need to do full water changes every day to keep the ammonia levels down.

If you look in the betta home pictures thread, I just posted a picture of my ten gallon tank that is home to my betta, Howl. I got it at Walmart for 30 bucks and 10 gallons is definitely more than necessary.

Good luck! :)
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Hello Behati, welcome to the forum!

Many users here use a chemical called "Dechlorinator" to treat their water. The most popular one used is SeaChem Prime, but generally any bottle that removes chlorine and chloramines for your fish tank should be safe to use. You can stir the water if you wish, but it is generally not necessary as it should diffuse throughout the water.

Conditioner should NOT harm your fish, some even support overdosing (StressCoat+) to allow healing and slime coat formation. However, obviously dumping an entire bottle in is not a good idea.

I'm not aware of any heaters that will heat a 1L bowl, and 1L is somewhat small and difficult to keep stable. Your fish keeping experience will become quite a trial and fairly labourious. A 10L tank will be much easier for you to heat and care for. A 10watt heater will safely heat 10L of water for your betta.

For now, keep him in the warmest part of your house, and make sure the temperature doesn't fluctuate often. As long as the water doesn't go below 21C/70F, your fish should be OK, possibly a little lethargic.

Good Luck and all the best, we will be available here if you need any assistance or emergency help.

I hope to see pictures of your set up soon!
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