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Well, i dont think we are going to have some fishes, maybe another time he told me. He replied my email, which was cool and he explained why the betta were in that plastic container.

Here his message, you can read and share your comments here, thanks.

CA, September 14 2011

Dear Michael,

First, thank you very much for your visit and thank you for buying few of my fishes, I enjoyed meeting you and your friends.
Regarding my betta prices, if you know me and buy direct from me, not online then my fishes are mostly cheaper, exemple for a black dragon hm pairs, high quality, online would be $75/ male $50 and female $25.
Here at my place the male will cost you $25 and the female $10, big difference saving right. I sell my veil tails here for $2 for a male and I give the female for free disregarding the colors.
Customers come and go but I always ask them to email me to set appointments and I ask them to be on time, better be early than late.
I always tell my customers including you that I would like to stay private. I am breeding betta and yes I am a real breeder, it may appear big for you but to me it is only a small betta farm. You saw my breeding tanks, not a lot.
You asked me how many betta do I have, hmmmmÖ good question. Iím not sure, I never count them but I know I have 2000 jars and 4 cement tanks full of females. Just do the math, 2000 males + 4 cement tanks females = ???
I let you take pictures of my fish rooms, my breeding tanks but it doesnít mean that you can post those photo whenever or wherever you want. You must ask and have my permission first prior to post them to any betta networks.
The buckets full of betta males, well, like I told you, I donít have any jars for them and those are usually the bad ones.
Bad ones for many reasons :

- Colors and scales donít match my expectations,
- Males or females who bite their own fins or tails,
- Sick fishes.

I donít trash those fishes and I donít give them to the local pets store because I donít want them to sell a fish who is not healthy or has fins damage. I give them to little kids or to whoever would like to adopt a betta for free.
I use to donate them for some betta forum members few years back but I always have shipping problems with them such like members donít want to pay or fish arrive dead and they want their shipping fee back. So, I give up. I use to give fish for IBC new members also but I donít do that anymore.
You buy fish from aquabid?? You should ask those Thai breeders what do they do with the ones that they couldnít sell, you might be surprise and shock by their answers.
Sorry, but that email was a little long but I hope with my explaination, you understand me a little better now.
You are welcome to visit me anytime you wish, just donít forget to email me to set appointments, thank you.


Wang Meng.
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That sounds okay then :) But he should really get some separate containers for those guys, poor things. Congrats on all those new fish !
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