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Question Question about size

I have a female that is rather large. She is about as large or larger then the King sized males I have seen at Petco. I dont know what tail type she is, unless its a CT or Double tail female, they all look the same to me.

Almost all the king sized bettas I see, at least locally are, IMO Ugly (dark olive colored) so I was thinking of maybe trying to breed her.

I know little about genetics. I hated it in high school, luckily I have a BA in history so I never had to take it in college . My questions are:

She is bigger then ALL my males. Would I need a king to breed her with?
and would i need to do several generations to see an increase in the offspring's size??


what exactly do i feed fry?
I read about egg yolk and insofura (sp?). Is there anything I can buy from say, petco or online or is it all stuff I have to make myself??
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It would be safer if you paired her to a king. F1 should be regular sized. Pick out the fast growers and the largest (you would have to wait until they're 6 months old). Hopefully those are the genos - inbreed them or breed them to father. Repeat everything with F2 and so on until you get larger bettas..... If you actually bred the genos, you should get big bettas in F3.

About fry food, read the sticky - You should use live food if you want to boost their growth. Egg yolk should be ok until the first week, but you will need other, bigger food after wards.
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indjo ^ +1
You can feed micro worms and bbs and many other it depends on what you want to feed and the variety you want. And most other food you can buy online and many members here sell it. She is really gorgeous :) and a close up of her and her tail can help determine her tail type too
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Location: Shangdong, China
OK thanks.

I'll keep an eye out for a nice looking King Betta.

I found her at walmart I though she was a VT as they only have VT and CT males there, but the females just say female and I recently found a HMPK female there...

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