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Silver Spar
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Help!!! - Fin rot in a divided tank

Hi all - I'm kinda panicing here - About 3 or 4 weeks ago, I got 4 new Bettas from the LFS, and until two days ago they were all in their own tank with no apparent problems.

A couple of days ago, I finally got my 50 gallon divided into 4, and gave all 4 a new 12 gallon home in the tank.

This morning, I got up to discover that one of them, a brilliant blue VT (I think) had a bad case of fin rot (About half of each fin looks black and frayed). On top of that, while his snout was dark before, now it looks white and mottled. He's still very lively, but given the change in location, it's hard to make a judgement about his behaviour.

I've already moved him back to his 2.5 gallon temp tank, and am about to add aquarium salt to it, which I will combine with daily changes to his water until I see some noticable improvement.

What's got me panicked - The other three aren't showing any sign of rot, but I'm worrying what to do about them - Do I start adding salt preventatively? Or should I just wait and see if they develop problems?
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Good that you got the VT QT and started salt treatment-I would dose at least 1tsp/gal along with 100% daily water changes for 10 days and if the tank is filtered you may want to turn that off during treatment....
If you don't notice any improvement within the first 5 days-I would increase the salt to 2tsp/gal....also-if you have any tannins to add this will also help the healing process....IAL or dried Oak leaf work well for tannins....

On the 50gal...I would add one extra 50% water only change to your regular schedule 50% with vacuum you should be doing make 2-weekly water changes for 2 weeks then you can back off to the 1 per week 50% with vacuum to maintain the system water quality....I would not recommend adding salt to the 50gal...clean water is the best method to prevent...

Is the 50gal filtered, live plants, cycled....
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Silver Spar
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Yep, The 50gal is filtered, and while it's not cycled tiself, I've kickstarted the cycle with media fromm a filter in a tank that is cycled.

There are a few live plants, but they were only added today.

Will do on he doubled water changes - have changed 90% of the water today as a preventative, and will stick to my usual sat routine of water changes(I have two other tanks - a 20gal and a 15 gal), but add one for the Betta's tank on a wed as well.

Will also see about some IAL to stick in the filter after the sponges.
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