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Unhappy Just plain stubborn!

I've been refusing to give Sniper any bloodworms for four days now and am only giving him pellets. He still won't eat them. You'd think he'd be hungry, but he spits them out if he tries one at all. Do you think I should continue feeding him only pellets? I hesitate to give him bloodworms because he'll continue to hold out.
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try crushing the pellets so it looks like it's not pellets and he thinks it's something else or maybe it's too big for him to nom on so that's why he spits them out

also you could try to pre soak the pellets in garlic juice and see if he responds better to the pellets

what kind of pellets are you feeding him? maybe he doesn't like that brand of pellets .. you could try another brand and see if he will eat them

i know it's sooo very hard to withhold food from bettas .. but hang in there =) and good luck !!
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Garlic juice, heard it's something many bettas can't resist. Just soak a pellet or two in some for a few seconds before feeding it to him.
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Are they frozen bloodworms?

Soaking in garlic juice is a good first effort, garlic makes everything tasty! ;)

If they are frozen bloodworms; I have no idea if this will work, I only just thought of it now.

I thaw frozen bloodworms in a bit of tank water in a cup. There is always some amount of "goo" I'll call it, from the bloodworms. Well basically just red tinged water. I'm wondering, if you soak the pellets in that water, which hypothetically should have some sort of bloodworm flavored goodness...that this will trick him into eating the pellets? And if it works...trying that for a few days maybe you can wean him onto pellets soaked in just tank water, and then after that just drop the pellets in and see what happens.
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