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Unhappy is Ruby Dying?

Okay my girl ruby has had a bad case of sbd before, which cleared up with some tlc, epsom salt in her water and 100% water changes daily ina qt tank. She's been fine for a month or so. Yet when I moved her from my 10 gal to the 20 gal with my 4 platies, she started getting really lethargic, hiding in caves so I chased her out and put her in qt because she wasnt eating . She is swimming fine and she isnt pine coning or anything. She looks bloaded but I'll let you be the judge of that. *pictures* I have her in a qt tank with 1 tsp epsom salt /gal of conditioned water. she gets 100% water changes daily. She tends to swim as hard as she can to the top and then she ends up sitting back down on the bottom. Her gills arent fluttering fast, and she moves around on her own (swimming around her qt tank). I just want to know what you guys think, Is she gonna be ok? I got her sick from petsmart and she was seriously bloated in dirty water with bad sbd. It cleared up but it seems to have returned :/ . any suggestions? Should I just be patient? its only been 24 hours since i put her in qt with her epsom salt baths. let me know if there is anything I should pick up to treat her with. thanks :D
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oh and I noticed she had trouble with her stool ( a long line of poop was stuck to her this morning) so I hope I am doing the right treatment.
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my betta was seriously hiding a lot too all the time. but when i did epsom salt and heated his tank to about 80-81 he almost instantly started to swim around. try heating his tank warmer
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Bettas have a nasty tendency of over eating so she may have eaten too much when you fed the platies. You do have her on the right treatment.

If she's showing signs of struggling to the top for air, you can lower the water level a little bit to make it easier for her.

To me it just sounds like sbd and slight constipation. She might be getting eggy too or may not like all the platies.
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thanks guys :D she was in a tank with a couple platies before, I added 2 more tho. So maybe they stressed her out with the move and all. Im honestly worried. I got her sick from petsmart. She was ok until the move then she started acting weird. So I'm guessing time at this point? It puts my mind at east to know so thanks a bunch.

BTW Pataflafla : I took your advice and everyone elses and waited for that sorority

on another note, she seems to be the only fish i have that gets sick. It sucks because I love this lil girl, she's so sweet with other fish and she hasnt been striping in the tank with the platies. so it came as a shock to me to see her looking weird. I saw no signs of ick or infection. So thanks for reassuring me.
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