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Lethargic or just shy?

So it's day... *checks* five of my sorority setup and most of the girls' stress stripes have faded if not disappeared completely, I've decided that Starscream is too aggressive to live with the other girls at all, after two days in the breeder net and I did a little meet-and-greet with the other girls with Star in the catcher net and she flared at everybody and tried to nip, so now she's off in her own bowl; and I'm trying to re-introduce Fireflight back into the group with the breeder trap now that her tail has grown back some. Hopefully moving in the right direction here with that.

But my next to last girl to get added, Cosmos, seems kind of... anti-social. She's not got any bite marks on her, no cuts or nips or nicks that I can see, and none of the other girls seem lethargic at all, but she spends all her time sleeping inside her moon rock or laying in the corner of the tank on the gravel and only moves to come up for air. Tail and fins tucked in and she's not chasing away the other girls, and they're not bothering her, she's just... keeping to herself. I know it's only been a few days and maybe she's just adjusting to living with other fish or she's just recovering from her time in Walmart, but I worry. I'm a worrier. And all the other girls are so active and curious and she's so shy. And I don't want to isolate her preemptively and risk making her lonely...

But I'm not sure what to do for her... Any advice?
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