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scales raised slightly discolored

My new guy is blind. I got him the other day because I wanted to make sure I could give him the best home I could...I know how to feed a blind betta..and boy does this little guy have an appetite..He gobbled down 2 bloodworms the first night! ...

Some of my concerns though...
I noticed this white spot on him..which at first made me not want to get him..because I didn't know much about columnaris...But looking at pictures online me..It doesn't look like columnaris at all..When I shine a flashlight at the 5 scales that are effected it still shimmers and looks pearly..but the scales look whiter and are "thicker" looking...Someone mentioned the other day it might end up to be one of those "growths"..I can't remember the name of it now......
Does it look like that may be what it is? Is it possible it could be something else? I got a better close-up picture of it finally...
Here he is:

(nevermind the cat hair)

and here is the close up:

Right now he is in a 1 gallon with 1tsp aquarium salt (he had a little bit of pinholing in his front fins)...I do 100% water changes every other day.
Also. he isn't a very lively little guy..Is that common for blind bettas not to be as lively? He goes up for air and swims around a little but mostly he just rests at the bottom.
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I agree-it doesn't look like columnaris, it really doesn't look like lymphocystis either...melanomas or pigment cell tumor is possible.....or it may just be normal pigment-except for the thickening.....not a lot you can really do-except watch the area for changes and then if it is a tumor...not much can be done......

What make you think he is blind...are his eyes clouded.....good thing they have the extra sense organ- lateral line used like echo location to help him find his way around.....nice looking his color....
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I believe he is mostly blind because both of his eyes have a thick metallic shimmer over them..:

He also scooted around on his belly getting a feel of the tank for the first 2 days...He swims around a little more now but he mostly rests near the bottom...but he still spazzes out when he bumps into the plant every now and then.He tries to fight it.
He doesn't follow my finger either and he has troubles finding the pellets to eat...So I have been feeding him frozen bloodworms and a little bit of brine shrimp last night. I let the brine shrimp sink and he does a goodjob at finding them...I use some tweezers to wiggle a bloodworm around infront of him and he eats the bloodworms that way.

I guess I will just have to keep an eye on those scales..Hopefully it doesn't turn into anything to crazy.
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he's purdy

I dont know about a blind fish but I had a dog that went blind and deaf. He still got around, but very slowly. He walked into a lot of things but he kinda knew where he was going.
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