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Betta Dreams

While it was actually a dream that spurred me into more seriously getting into Betta keeping(I had been keeping other fish beforehand for a while with just my one little betta boy I bought at a local craft store)a good two and a half years ago, I haven't had a betta dream in some time....but the past couple nights, I have had two dreams that I can recall(I rarely ever remember my dreams for very long)involving bettas. o.o Its quite unusual.

The first one was that my room flooded(much like in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, you know?)and when the water went down...I suddenly found myself with all these new fish on top of the four I already had.
There was an Orange CT, a Yellow Dragon PK, two Orange Dragon DTPKs, a red marble VT, a steel blue VT, a blue and red marble dragon PK, a copper CT, a red and blue what looked to be a spadetail-ish female, and another least, thats what I was able to remember and write down in my notebook after I woke up. I remember running around trying to find places for everyone, choosing which ones to keep and which ones I wanted to adopt out and find homes for....and all that. It was quite the dream, I'll tell ya O.o

Then last night I had a dream about a yellow dragon PK....I can't recall much of it now, just that it involved a yellow dragon PK. >.< I blame that though on the fact that theres always at least five of them when ever I go into Petsmart...and there was this one that looked so much like a PK version of Alois last time, giving me 'the look'....

But, yeah. I think I'm going though betta withdrawal.....I absolutely adore my boys to death of course, but I miss having more...and with my dogs away at 'Camp Uncle Ron' I'm feeling like...I need a little something more to satisfy my nurturing motherly instinct xD;

Anywho, I just found it interesting and I thought I'd share xD I'd love to hear about everyone elses betta dreams as well...I'm sure theres lots of others who dream about our favorite underwater puppies as well ^^
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