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Some help please? Tank Mate Issues.

So I feel as If I am one of many lead estray by pet shop workers. I have a 29 gallon biocube, its heated and such. So I did my best to learn form here but parental facots and sibling factors have hurt. I may have made some wrong turns and am hoping to fix them. Today i noticed my female mollys mouth was messed up, from callign the shop it seems my betta dalton has attacked her and shes going to die. I don't know what to do but watch, the onyl thing i can do from this is learn so im gonna start now.

My 29 galleon contains

7 Glofish
2 Clown Loches
2 mollies (Soon to be one)
2 Bamboo Shrimp
5 Corydoras
1 CT Male Betta

I have an empty, heated and filterd 1.5 gallon at my disposal.

What should I do? I was thinkign of moving the male surviving Molly into there.
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I think having mollies with bettas are just a hit and a miss sometimes. I've never kept them together so I'm not a hundred percent sure, but they arent usually suggested as tank mates. The same goes for glofish. Some people are lucky and have no problems, some bettas will attack them do to their bright colors and some glofish will nip the fins of bettas and stress them out. Glofish are just genetically modified zebra danios so they are some what aggressive and are quick which may stress a betta out.

As for the rest I'm not sure. I know several people to keep and recommend cory cats with bettas and have no problems, shrimp are the same way (though i know nothing of bamboo shrimp.)

If your worried about the other molly you could take it out, though I'm not sure how well if would do in a 1.5 gallon... Mollies also do prefer brackish water something that bettas dont like. So taking the last molly out may end up being good, but tank size will be an issue.
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Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Personally, I'd leave the tank as is and get a few more mollies, and give your betta its own tank. Mine have 1.5gs heated and filtered but yours might enjoy something a bit bigger. We all so this when we start with fish, I started out with two danios in a 5g, after buying more and up grading the fish I've been given, I have two stocked tanks and still need 6 more fish to make the groups whole lol
I have to agree though, mollies tend to be big and colorful which bettas see as a threat. Danios, personally, tend to be semi aggressive. Mollies also need much more than 1.5g tanks :)
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