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anyone else have well water?

So, i live out in the country and our tap water is well water. I know we aren't supposed to use the distilled gallons of water - i was originally using those until i saw a post on here that said we shouldn't. I don't really like using the tap water 'cause the water looks a little cloudier for the first few hours but when it settles it usually clears up (especially in my 10g with the filter) - but i wanted to know if there is anything special i should add to the water or any other options i should look into. I'm using Aqueon Water Conditioner for Bettas

I've got my new guy, hank, in a 1.5g bowl with daily 100% water changes (i think he might have fin rot) and my Cash in a 10g by himself with a 3g filter
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I have well water and I just use conditioner too.
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I have well water and don't use any dechlorinator or conditioner products, however, well water can be different from state to state-county to can even be different due to how deep the well is and vary with seasons.....lots of rain or drought can change the chemistry and if you live in a heavy farming or industrial area-pollutants can change the well water chemistry sometimes......

Regardless of source water-its always a good idea to acclimate to water chemistry with large water changes if the fish is removed for water changes-especially 100% water changes....
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