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Exclamation Help! Nefarian Isn't Eating! =(

Hello everyone,

I work at a local pet store in the city where I live, and a small, sickly betta caught my eye recently... He looked like he was hanging on by a thread, so I went ahead and purchased him in an attempt to better his life.
Just a little background info on Nefarian... He is a Crowntail, seems fairly young (still) and had been sitting on my stores shelf for quite some time..
I've posted some pictures for you all to see.. As you can tell, he's got a bad case of fin rot/possible ammonia poisioning. =(
I just brought him home last night, and I've tried feeding him three or four times without any luck. Why is this? I was told that these bettas were fed on either Saturday or Sunday, and I know they can go 7 days without food.. And I know he's getting up there. Is there any way to persuade him to eat? Or is he just a lost cause? =( I'm hoping not, he's grown on me already.
Oh, and information on the tank:
I have a 3.5 Gal tank with heater/filtration system that I intend to use as soon as he gets healthier.. As for now, I have him in a 1 Gal hospital tank and am treating him with small amounts of Tetracycline as well as aquarium salt for the fin rot.
My tap water is ALWAYS pre-conditioned and checked for ammonia/ph/nitrates, etc. I've had many bettas in the past to know how to properly care for them. =)
If anyone has any ideas on how I can nurse Nefarian back to health, PLEASE inform me.. I feel as if time is running short for my little guy :(

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Old 09-16-2011, 12:23 AM   #2 
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Nefarian looks really, really skinny. Sometimes medication can dull their senses so you might try soaking the pellets in garlic juice. You can also try feeding frozen bloodworms or brine shrimp. Feed only a tiny amount often until he gets a little stronger. If he has a difficult time reaching the surface to breathe, lower the water level a few inches. Just remember the daily water changes and then all you can do is watch and wait. Good luck with him and I really hope he gets better. He looks like he'd be a very handsome fellow whne he gets healthy again.
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Old 09-16-2011, 08:34 AM   #3 
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As for the daily changes, should I do a full change or just 25-50%? He is pretty emaciated. I've tried feeding him some different kinds of pellets and freeze-dried bloodworms with no luck. You can tell he's pretty weak because he typically lays on the gravel or on top of his shark decoration. =( Where can I find garlic juice?
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I agree with Sakura about your Nefarian.

Besides the fin rot, I think he is just very weak from starvation. I probably would not do the meds as I think that may just stress him out further. Just keep him in 1 tsp of AQ in 1 gal conditioned QT with daily 100% water change for the next 10 days or so.

Frozen food may be easier and more appetizing. If not, you can just crush a clove of fresh garlic to get the juice from it in order to flavor the pellets.

What's all the bubbles on the first and last pictures? Filter too strong?

Hope he gets better soon!

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The bubbles in the first image are from the air stone I've got set up in the tank for him. I have it set up to where it isn't creating a strong current and he can swim through the bubbles.. Which he likes to do, as well as pop them with his mouth. Lol
I will take everyone's advice and see if he can't start becoming healthy! I have noticed, however, his body is starting to gain some coloration.. When I first bought him, he was a greyish-pale. Now he's kind of a greyish-turquoise. =)
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