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Unhappy Red "bruises"

I noticed some white fluffy stuff taking advantage of some fin damage on my betta, gave it furan 2 for a few days and the white stuff is dissapering but now there are large reddish patches on his sides, his fins are now clamped and hes lying on the bottom... only his eyes move. When he needs to get air he has trouble and swims on his side. I assumed that the furan 2 was making him worse so I've taken him out of the furan 2 and put him in a tank with tannins and salt...

Any idea what the red patches could be...?

Thanks for your help
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Awwwes I actually have the same problem with my baby Izume who is currently very sick. He has had these red bruises on him since he started rubbing on the bottom of his tank. His decorations are too rough and he rubs on them. I attached an image of Izume's red spots and this is more than likely what you are talking about. Your fish might also have them from injury from decorations, whether he accidentally bumps them or might be scratching from some kind of irritation ( parasites are a common reason )

It also sounds like your fish has swim bladder disease if he's legarthic and floats to the side. Epsom salt helps :)

I am not so sure as far as treatment. I have noticed a recovery from aquarium salt and warm warm water. I dont recommend melafix as a tsp of it put my fish in shock in a one gallon and I almost lost him!!!! I had to remove him immedietly because he was floating on his side and gasping rapidly!!!!

**Best luck to your betta and anyone else's who is seeking help from this thread.

Do your betta's red spots look anything like this????
Attached Images

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For swim bladder, it's epsom salt. Aquarium salt tends to make it worse.

As far as the red bruising goes, I have no idea.

For now lower the water level so he can get to air easier and make sure his water is about 76-80* so he's not too cold. You could also add 1 tsp/gal of epsom salt to treat his swim bladder conservatively as well as help him detox from the medication a bit. He could be having a bad reaction to it.

Did you change all of his water after you took him off medication?
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Thanks for the replies
Unfortunately he died yesterday night
His swimbladder issue occured within his last few hours so I think it was a secondary effect from the main disease.
Temp was 27 degrees water changes were on a dailiy basis.
His "bruises" were much larger than Izumes ones and he was in a bare tank so couldnt rub. They seemed to occur from the inside. They started off as large colourless patches which turned red after a few hours before he died. it all happened in the space of around 24 hours...I'm pretty sure it was a bad reaction to furan which is wierd because I've used it many times on other bettas with success...I guess it could be possible for a betta to be allergic to certain things.
Do you think it could be internal bleeding or poisoning from the meds or something like that?
I've got pictures if you want to see them...however they are of a dead fish.
ps. I hope Izume gets better.
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