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Moving a betta tank to a different location

A different location of the house, I mean. Now that I have a 5 gallon aquarium for my little guy, I would love to move him into the basement because I spend far more time down here than upstairs, (it's where the TV and computer are ) I can give him a lot more attention that way. The reason I didn't put him down here from the start is because I wasn't sure if he would like it since it's darker and colder in the basement than upstairs. But now that I have a bigger tank which is covered, and a better heater, and a light, I was thinking he would be ok. But I'm scared he's going to get stressed from the move, especially since he's been in that 2 gallon bowl upstairs for over a year. So it will be a new tank and a new environment at once, I'm just worried he will get super stressed. I actually have no choice but to move him down here with the 5 gallon because there is no room upstairs for that size of tank.

I'm also concerned about the TV stressing him out. He'll be over 6 feet away from both the TV and computer. Will this be ok?

I'm testing out the heater in his new tank now, so I haven't moved him in it yet, and won't for a couple of more days to make sure everything is ready and working. Should I maybe start bringing him down here for those next couple of days in his bowl so he can get accustomed to the new place before I put him in his big tank? I would only have him down here for a while during the day, then I could bring him back upstairs to his normal place. Is this a good idea?
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I moved my tank over 200 miles, much colder climate, and it is less than 3ft from a TV. As long as being in the basement doesn't prevent you from doing the right amount of water changes, he should be just fine.

Also, many times people say their fish don't like bigger tanks, but I strongly believe that this is because there are not enough hiding places in the tank.
Keep in mind that because the basement is darker he might flare at his reflection. If this happens too much, try to make the room brighter than his tank light, or only have his tank light on for a few hours a day (make sure he has some sort of day/night cycle in the basement if his light makes him freak out too much, otherwise the light would be best).

Are you cycling the tank?
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I was thinking about not having his tank light on at all, and putting a small lamp close to where he is since I don't think he would enjoy a light shining directly on him. This way he'll get a little more light than the basement lights, but not so bright that it would bother him.

I had thought about getting a filter for this bigger tank, but decided against it. I'm wary of cycling because I've read that if you don't do it right, it could hurt the fish, and I seriously think I'd mess it up. And it takes a really long time too. But most of all, I know my fish would hate the current, even a very gentle one. He's extremely fussy.

I don't mind doing the water changes, though. I will still do the 100% changes every week with perhaps a partial in between. But because the tank is so heavy with 5 gallons of water in it, I will be emptying out most of it down here, take it up to clean, then bring it back down to fill it up again. That way I never have to pick it up with that much water in it. Yes I know that it's a lot harder than having a filter, but I don't mind. I would do anything for my little fishy.
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