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How to.

okay so im thinking about getting a 20 long and creating a nice community tank for my male betta. just curious how do you guys make sure all your different fish eat. i mean isnt it hard to seperate different food for all the fish.? and also how do you guys introduce your fish to your betta? i really want to have tankmates for this dude but at the same time i dont want him to go rambo on all the other fish. let me know asap thanks!

thinking about getting some tetras, corycats, and possibly a few guppies (i know these are really unpredicatable for bettas)
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I just recently added some glofish to my bettas 10g. I was worried since they are basically mini-danios zipping around, especially during feeding time. The funniest thing is to watch the danios try to eat the betta pellets. They are just too big for them so its quite the site to see. Monster, my betta, tried the flakes the first time he saw them but then has ignored them ever since so everyone gets some. The glofish usually one guy will pigout one feeding but the next feeding later the hungry one will get the most. Really its not much different than nature. Some fish go without sometimes so it isn't that big of a concern.

From your list I'd say corys would be the only iffy since their pellets have to sink down but if you time it right or position them better where you feed everyone on one side then drop some stuff for the bottom for them they will get theirs. That, and they like to eat at night or right as you turn the lights off for the night and they are really slow eaters so if they are hungry they'll eat faster.
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