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Dice Witch
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Survived Dropsy, suddenly active, still will not eat or poop.

My doubletail betta defied fate and survived Dropsy, coming back from floating on his side to moving, regaining color, and beginning to react to fingers or people near the hospital tank. Not out of the woods yet, but getting there.

The problem is, since he became sick about 3 weeks ago, he has not eaten and barely pooped. He's becoming dangerously thin, and I'm really hoping that this sudden and surprising recovery doesn't turn into a case of fatal starvation. He ignores food, letting it float to the bottom and dirty up everything. (>.< I'm cleaning this hospital tank (1 gal) twice a day!)

He's a deformed doubletail with poor swimming ability (Crooked spine). When he was eating it was quite a labor for him- he'd munch on pellets or bloodworms for a good 20 seconds before moving onto the next ones. Softening his food just made him not want it.

Any suggestions on coaxing him to his food?
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Arashi Takamine
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Try coating them in garlic juice or try frozen foods instead like blood worms or brine shrimp. Maybe even live foods like BBS.
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Dice Witch
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Shyguy (the betta in question) was moved to a new permanent hospital tank. It's a heated 1.4 gallon bowl that I am changing daily. He's continued to improve, but he's beginning to look very very thin and I think his hunger has finally gotten the better of him, making him lethargic again.

When he comes out for tank cleaning, I put some pellets in his cup. He nips at them and sometimes will chew on one for 20-30 seconds before spitting it up. He makes every effort to eat, but can't seem to actually swallow. The pellets are the only thing he has shown interest in. Live feed even gets ignored. Soaking the pellets hasn't helped.

I'm beginning to worry there's not much I can do for shyguy, and that the problem is something internal with his throat or stomach.
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