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Old 09-27-2011, 10:34 PM   #1 
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Rescued a betta a couple days ago.

One of my roommates friends decided to get a fish with her roommate... well being the imature college students they are (I probably shouldn't say that since I am a college student) they decided they didn't want them anymore. The girl who I got mine from decided to just give it to me... didn't want money or anything...
The tank was disgusting. The fish was basically staying in one spot and just chilling there. I got it at almost midnight and had to wait until after my morning classes to clean the tank. The water is still a little cloudy even after a 100% water change (I didn't get a chance to really wash the decor and pebbles) but the fish is like a new fish. He is swimming all over the place and is really active.
His color seems dull and off which will hopefully will change in the next couple of weeks. I also got him in a .5 gallon tank. I can't wait to go to the store and buy a bigger tank. And also some plants and something to hide behind. Right now there is a Budda and thats it... not much to hide behind..
He isn't eating the pellets/flakes or bloodworms.. he did go for the crumb I put in there just to see if he liked it.. any suggestions? I've only had him for about 48 hours so maybe its just being in a new place?
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Old 09-27-2011, 11:27 PM   #2 
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Poor baby. >: He's all clamped. . .

You should wash the decor and rinse the gravel with hot water, usually the gravel will contain his poop and leftover food and all that nasty junk in there! What's is the temperature of the tank? Or did they not get a thermometer? Try raising your room temperature to around 80F, it'll raise the temperature in his water too. . .

If he's not eating anything, try smashing a clove of garlic, pour some water on it and soak the pellets/bloodworms, it should increase his appetite. I would upgrade him ASAP, unless you want to do 100% water changes every other day for him, and keeping a Betta in 0.5 tank isn't really comfy for them.

Try getting a tank 2 gallons more, 5 gallons would be great for him. Along with a filter, heater, thermometer (inside the tank ones), and some decor if you like to. . You could even do live plants if you're up to the challenge.
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Old 09-28-2011, 08:10 AM   #3 
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Poor baby, and welcome to the forums.
It most likely is from the stress of the move and then a new water chemistry (assuming it hasn't had a water change for a while) that he isn't eating. Give him a day or two and try another pellet. Are you using water conditioner? If so, go ahead and double the dose of it for a while (use a 1 gallon dose) while doing every other day 100% water changes. Make sure the water is 78-82*, cold water can make them lethargic and slow down their system some.
Knowing dorm rooms can be tiny as well as spending money tight, anything from a 1 gallon on up will be just fine for him. Once he is in a new home with regular water changes you will start seeing a new fish. But yeah, give him a day or so longer to settle in before expecting him to eat a whole lot.
Wish you luck and all the best. Want to see pics when he gets a new home!
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Old 09-28-2011, 09:07 PM   #4 
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I bought a new tank for him! He is now in a gallon tank which isn't what I wanted but it was all I could afford money and space wise in my dorm room. Our room stays pretty hot so I am not worried about the tempurature going too low. He is not lethargic anymore... he has been swimming around and being active. I got him some plants to hide behind and stuff. I also convinced my roommate to get a bigger tank for the fish she took. She got a 1 gallon one as well. Her fish is like twice the size of mine so its good that he now has plenty of room to swim around. I have another friend here at school who has had a fish since march and it has been in the same half gallon tank since. I keep telling her he is outgrowing the tank but she seems to think he is fine. He has grown quite a bit, has a bubble nest, and has a beautiful vibrant color. She is very good about changing the water often though.
Placido, my fish seems so happy in his new tank! He seems so much smaller and I think the 1 gallon is a perfect size for now. I used to have a 10 gallon that had a betta and two ADFs which was one of my favorite tanks. My betta seemed happy having so much room to swim. While we are allowed to have up to a 10 gallon (I could have paid the same for a 10 gallon tank) I just don't have the room. My two roommates monopolize the space in the room and took the two bookshelves we had in the room although they are supposed to be split... ohh welll.... I've attached a picture of Placido in his new home. Placido is an Italian name meaning calm and quiet...
Poor quality pic and the fact that the tank is plastic makes it look cloudy but its not.
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