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blind or sight issues?

i think my first boy Bart has sight issues... i dont think hes completely blind because he flares up at his neighbor Schneider sometime and really gets fired up over the mirror. but when i feed him, ive gotten to where i tap the top of the tank on his side and feed him the same spot every time because if i dont, it seems like he cant see the flakes. he knows theyre there because he can smell them but he misses when he goes up to get them. hes happy and healthy, but his eyes arent super clear. theyre almost foggy looking. like i said i dont think hes blind, but i dont think he can see 100%. i attached a picture to show his eyes

is there anything i can do for him to help him see better or make things easier for him? ive noticed acouple other members that have blind fish, what do you do for them? and what makes them go blind or causes their sight to diminish?
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For my blind fish i just feed in the same spot and train them to come to a tapping on the glass. Other than that there isnt really anything you can do, unless the blindness is coming from an infection, they you need to figure out what is causing it and treat.

My blind boys were likely born that way, i have a dragon who is mostly blind and a CT with cataracts.
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My cellophane has sight issues, too. I got him a feeding ring but I don't know if it's helping much or not. I put pellets in the feeding ring but he pretty much ignores them, which makes me think he can't see them. If he's right in front of one and it starts to sink, he'll try to grab it. When the pellets hit the bottom he'll sometimes push them around before eating them.
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My little VT female has some of the same issues, i feel like she can see some but mot 100%. I feed her in the same spot and sometime have to guide her with my finger to the food if it floats away.
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Definately not blind if he's flaring at a mirror or another betta nearby. If he can see them to get upset at them, then he can see, though it may not be perfect vision.
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