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Exclamation Food Help!

So my new betta Zuko is the first betta that I've ever had the rejects betta pellets but eats flakes.

He will ONLY eat flakes. He refuses even freeze dried Blood worms...

My question how should I very his diet? Is he okay on flakes? Should I get him different types of flake? Is Goldfish flake okay to feed him?

Ps My ghost shrimp are loving all the none eatten foods...
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Try soaking the pellets you are about to feed him for a few seconds in garlic juice. Either from fresh, crushed cloves or in the jar. Just make sure there are no additive flavors.
You want as much protein as possible, so look for flakes with the highest crude protein % (over 40%). Bettas eat insects in the wild, so something with mostly wheat won't be the best idea. Unsure what goldfish flakes are made of... but would compare them to make sure your betta is getting the best of what it needs.
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Thanks... He's really skinny I'm just worried about him.... He's the smallest betta (weight wise) that I have gotten. Maybe because he was just fed pellets at Walmart? I don't know... :/
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Flakes are ok as long as they are a betta or tropical fish flake..High in protein and with the first ingredients being some sort of meat. If he is underweight I would try to feed him frozen bloodworms to give him a little bit of a variety.
Be careful with flakes..They can easily mess up water quality if over fed and allowed to sink...They can cause ammonia spikes.
If he is a little guy, he may be having troubles eating the pellets because of size...You can crush them into smaller sizes and he may eat pellets that way.

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