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Please Help me!

Ok so Im buying my first betta and i know you need a heater but i have a hot room with heater and a big tank and i dont wanna waste mmoney on heater so do i need a heater even if i have a hot room?
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Welcome to the forums!

Even if you have a "hot room" I think you'll still need a heater since the temperature fluctuates at night, so yes you will need one, also the water temperature is always lower by 1 or 2 degrees Celsius than the air. Also get a thermometer, not the ones that stick outside the tank but a one inside, it'll be more accurate.

Also how big is the tank? I would recommend something at least two gallons, get a filter along with it, but you'll still need to a water change with a filter.
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Welcome GotBetta :)

I strongly recommend reading the stickies throughout these forums as they can answer the majority of your questions in great depth.

In particular the basics:

I highlight for you something of concern to me from P3's guide also;

First thing’s first, ask yourself these questions:
- Can I afford spending at least $40+ on tank/heaters/supplies?
- Am I willing to make possibly very frequent water changes, depending on my tank size?
- Am I ready for a creature that can live to up to five years?
- If I have to go on a trip, etc, can I get someone to look after my fish?
- Do I know the very basic info about a betta? (Research!)
- Am I willing to get the minimum size tank and the needed supplies for my pet?

If no to any of these, do not get a betta. They deserve the care and respect of any other pet, not unlike a dog or cat. If you are unable to get what you need, then wait. You wouldn’t get a horse without a big enough place to put it, right? Or a dog without food, right? Same for a betta!

Not to put you off or be mean mate, but a basic Betta setup is definitely required, and a Heater is crucial and necessary key element. Quite honestly the bare minimum to have a Betta is a tank, a heater, water conditioner and food.

Whilst it may seem not necessary to you at this juncture, overnight temperates can drop drastically as Micho said, not to mention in 6 months time it will be Winter. Currently this means your Betta's tank temperature could fluctuate from high 80s to low 60s causing undue stress and eventually most likely causing disease and further issues and expenses such as medicines to keep your Betta alive.

Think of fluctuating temperatures as you would on yourself, it would give you a cold or the flu.

There are many various heaters out there from cheap to modest to expensive. It is certainly not something you should scrimp out on.

If money is that tight currently, I strongly recommend saving for now until you have a complete basic Betta setup. Once you have achieved the funds required, put it all together and procure your Betta :)

I don't mean to be mean here, I'm just very concerned lately for the welfare of Bettas! Particularly when heaters are relatively cheap.
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get a thermometer to check temperature of the tank...It is very important even if you have a heater to keep an eye on the tanks temperature. If you use an air conditioner you will most likely need a heater. We keep our house thermostat at 77-78degrees and my tanks water(that doesn't have fish in it at the moment) without heater stays around 73-74 degrees...That is pretty low for a betta. Bettas like water temperatures around 77-80 degrees.
I can recommend some nice affordable heaters for your tank if I know what size it is. :)
There are a few decent heaters for around 12-15 dollars.
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Welcome to the forum =)
Definitely a thermometer to keep an eye on it. Make sure there aren't any major fluxes of more then 1-2 degrees throughout the day/night. If it drops below 76 and stays there then I would go ahead and get a heater. The cooler water can cause problems down the road, as well as making him lethargic.
Unsure what size tank you have for him, but this one is pretty cheap and works for 1-3 gals. Like all small tank heaters, keep an eye on it because sometimes they can go above the recommended temp of 82*. Mini sub heater
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Bettas are tropical fish and so will need at heater. I find my betta does best at 80-84 degrees.
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