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Question Question about fins and tearing

I've posted about my new betta Alucard down in the photo section and looking at the photos from yesterday and then at him today I noticed his fins seem to have gotten more 'tattered' and I wondered if he has fin rot.

I discounted it entirely at first because the chunk missing from his caudal fin has got what I assumed to be clear regrowth forming and otherwise his fins were decent, but the tiny pinpoint holes in his other fins are now a bit bigger....could it be from swimming and flaring more than he could in the cup?

I should also note that there are no black or darkened bit on his fins and no curling either.

Tank is 5g, heated to 80○F, with an air stone, smooth stones, live plants and one piece of wood with fresh water added daily.

I have AQ salt and general tank meds (melafix pimafix) but I don't want to jump the gun and treat if I don't have to. Any guess is helpful, I've never kept a betta before but I have kept other fish for many years. :)
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Sena Hansler
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use the AQ salt first.

is the wood a rougher piece? is there a way for him to "attempt" to go under and get snagged? my betta did that with something I had o_O fin rot can also be a white fuzzy look to them as well :) my male, who had been chewed on by a frog, has the clear rebuilt part of his fin, and frankly it looks bad... but I just kept the water clean, used AQ salt (under 14 days), and had it nice and warm.

instead of adding water each day, why not just clean the 5 gallon 20-4-% a week? This can help. you use tap water conditioner? that is something definitely needed :)
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thanks for the reply, sorry I should have been a bit clearer, I've just been topping up not doing a big water change. I take out a few cups worth and then add fresh, the tank was running a little warm but it's now sitting at the correct temp and I'll be doing standard water changes.

I think I was more trying to point out that the water is in good condition and conditioned too! It's very important, as we all know tap water is full of chlorine and chloramines. Not good for fish.

I thought about the driftwood but it's very soft and worn and there is only one point that it touches the gravel, there is no possible way for him to work himself under or even close....there are some bits that stick out slightly on the 'trunk' perhaps I'll take a file to them just in case but he'd have to hug the wood very tightly to tear it that way and they seem to be little teeny holes in the middle of his fins rather than one obvious rip.

The chunk missing from his tail was like that in the cup. No fuzzies on his fins or otherwise at least so far.
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Aquarium salt isn't a cure all for everything. Clean water is the best thing for finrot.
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