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maybe the instant ones would be better to fed them when they are a bit older?
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I made my BBS hatchery out of an old plastic peanut container-half gallon in size-I drilled a hole in the lid for the airline hose/airstone-

To make-add 85F water and 3tlb of pickling salt and 24h later-I have about 85% hatch.....

To harvest-I remove the lid with the airline hose and airstone and sit aside and place the container on top of one of my tank light so the BBS can settle....Once setled (about 10 min) I use airline hose I have attached to a couple of chopstick to make more ridged and siphon them through a brine shrimp net I have sitting over a empty container

Once I siphon off what I need-I dump the water back in the BBS hatchery container and rinse the BBS that are in the brine shrimp net under running water...very important-the BBS water is high in bad bacteria and you don't want this in the fry tank....big reason that causes Velvet and other bad pathogens in the fry tank....

Also, the chlorinated water will not hurt the BBS so don't worry about that.......rinse the container you used to catch the water under the net and fill with dechlorinated water and sit the now rinsed BBS that are in the brine shrimp net in this dechlorinated water....

Use an eye dropper and suck out the BBS to feed to the fry

I like to condition my fry to a feeding tap-I give the rim-(Not the glass)-a couple of taps as I add the BBS in the eye dropper-kinda target fed....In a few days the fry will be conditioned to the feeding tap and come running anytime they hear it....great to help get fry counts, feeding, observing and catching when needed....and you can say you train its conditioned with food reward....still pretty neat teaching your fish to come when called....laffs......

Newly hatched BBS with the yolk sac intact have the most nutrition-as the BBS molt you will see more shell in the hatchery-Avoid as much of the shell as you can-when very young fry eat too many shell it can cause health problems...mainly buoyancy, floater, skimmers...some recover-most don't especially under 2 weeks of age.....

Poor nutrition can result in a fry starving to death even with a full tummy-you will see sudden death, twirlling-you will see the fry twirl to the bottom and die-the first 2-3 weeks are the most important-

Keep 2 hatcheries going 24h apart-hatch out small amount at a of the small OSI vials 6g-should last about 1yr with 1000 fry being fed every day-to give you an idea of how much this vial of BBS eggs will go/last

Newly hatched BBS should look orange or pink in color-this is the yolk sac and when the fry eat them-their tummy should be nice and round and pink/orange in color-just like the BBS....

Once the fry are older-3+ weeks-you can feed them older BBS that have been supplement in HUFA supplement-I use Silcon-this is a saltwater supplement (BBS are saltwater creatures) I get it at Dr Foster and Smith for under $12.00 and this will last don't have to supplement the BBS if you are feeding of live food to meet nutritional needs for good growth/development

Another important factor beside good nutrition and water the labyrinth organ-this develops in the 2-4 week area and that first gulp of air is really needs to be moist and warm-at least the same temp as the water or warmer-if not-you can see labyrinth organ problems-like-buoyancy, floaters, skimmers, sudden death, chronic health problems in the top of the fry tank with plastic veggie wrap to help retain the heat and humidity....I do this once the eggs hatch to be on the safe should see water droplett on the plastic wrap to tell you that the air above the water is moist and warm don't want the babies to catch

Rearing Betta fry can be so rewarding and you can be successful with a few simple step....even if you have failures...Don't give up......lots of ways to rear fry...its finding what works best for you and what you have on hand....

Happy spawning and fry rearing......

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yea similar techniques, but i prefer to rinse them in a coffee filter myself
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Thanks for all the info :)

now if I can get them to spawn, without dad eating all the eggs this time
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