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Live Mosquito Larvae as a staple diet??

Can it be? I've been googling it and I haven't come across a definite answer. I started a bucket a couple weeks ago, threw some leaves and dirt in there and discovered a big batch of larvae on monday. I've been feeding my 2 guys nothing but larvae the entire week. My betta red is no stranger to bloat. Often times when I give him his normal 2 hikari baby pellets or a fragment of a freeze-dried bloodworm and he blows up like a balloon, but I can feed him 8-10 mosquitio larvae a day(4-5 twice a day) with 0 problems, not even a round belly.
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I believe in the wild Bettas eat mosquito larvae, so it shouldn't be a problem I guess.

I'm not experienced in this area, so you should wait for more people to respond before getting a definite answer.
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Just one word of warning when feeding live foods: There is a higher chance that your fish will get internal parasites. Keep an eye on their poo and their behavior. If you notice them acting oddly, or their poo is different, you may want to give them a parasite cleanse.
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I am doing something similar with frozen bloodworms. My older fish acts strange when fed any sort of pellet, so I feed only a small amount of New Life Spectrum.

Just make sure the larvae get good food and that will show up in your fish. I add vitamins to the frozen bloodworms. Maybe consider getting some and adding some to the larvae before feeding. I use Vita-Chem.
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Old 09-24-2011, 08:07 AM   #5 
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Wash the larvae real well prior to feeding them. But be careful you don't cause them to hatch.
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Old 09-24-2011, 08:51 AM   #6 
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I believe that it's only a snack. But, bettas do go coo-coo for them!
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My dad has a plastic 55 gallon drum that he catches rain water in. It's in a quiet corner that nothing ever goes near, but it has larvae in it. I thought about snagging some to use as a snack.
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I feed massive amounts of mosquito larva to all my fish and have never had any problems......

On my outside spawns-that is all they get for about 3 months-nothing else-just mosquito larva and whatever else falls in their water or the other critters that are in the rain barrels that I scoop out and add to their buckets.

I didn't have as many larva this year as I normally get due to the drought-and so I did supplement feed the Bettas this year-but in years past....that is all they get....and now that the drought is over...I am getting massive amounts of larva again.......and I can already tell the difference in the Bettas and the fry growth in getting the more natural foods.....they grow before your

I found that the nastier the mosquito larva water the better....I put lots of organic stuff in the buckets I want to culture/collect manure, leaves, dirt and one of my best buckets for larva is the opossum poop water I remove from my possum cage...I pour this nasty water in coffee cans and within 24-48h I will have massive tiny larva for the fry......

I always rinse the larva really good under running water before I feed them to the fish and if I save any for the nest day-I always cover the container and keep in a cool location to slow them from hatching and the lid keeps the ones that do hatch from flying around the house-I drown any skeeters that do hatch and feed them as well.....nothing is wasted.....
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^^^ wish I wouldve known that. I would have been getting water out of the horse pond out back. Lol that water is FUNKY;)
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Bettas are insectivorous. So it should be fine.

Though feeding larva found outside i'd be iffy on because of diseases. But it should be fine. ^^
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