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I'm new to fish and I didn't know anything about cycling a tank. Will I be able to keep my betta healthy during the cycling process? I was thinking maybe 1-2 10% water changes daily and a 50% water change every other day. Would this be sufficient?
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How big is your tank? Anything under 3 gallons is pretty much impossible to cycle because you will be doing tons of water changes.
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Welcome to the forum......

What size tank, type of filter, any live plants, water temp, pH, stocking level, type of substrate and do you have a test kit.........if you have live plants-type of lights and photoperiod......can you post a pic......

The nitrogen cycle isn't as complicated as it sounds once you understand the bacteria to meet its needs- surface area, oxygen and food to thrive and BettaMiah small filtered tanks under 5gals..... its not that a filtered smaller tank can't cycle...its more due to limited surface area that limits the stability of the nitrogen cycle and nitrifying bacteria colony....
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  • Size: 2.5 gallons
  • Filter: Tetra i-3 Whisper
  • Live Plants: None (Yet)
  • Water Temp: 78-80 degrees fahrenheit
  • Stock: One betta
  • Substrate: Gravel
  • Lighting: LED

I only had 1 test strip yesterday, I'll have to buy a test kit soon. The strip yesterday said the pH was 7.5. Also, I have no problem doing as many water changes as necessary I just don't want to change it too much and hurt the fish or reset the cycling process.
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You will not be able to cycle your tank.

To be honest you can cycle your tank if it's 5 gallons and higher, even at 5 gallons the cycle is unstable, the bigger the tank the more stable the cycle is. . .

If you plan to add live plants in, try to get a hardy low-light plants. Since you're using a LED light. . You can read a plant guide here and choose what to add to your tank, maybe a marimo moss ball or some moss:
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