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I keep trying but....

Ok, so, I have a giant plakat. He was in a 5 gallon tank with proper filtration and proper levels. Then I started to notice that he was getting these gray splotches on his sides and his lower fin. I removed him and put him in 1 gallon of water treated with dechlorinator and AQ salt. He got better in about 3 days of daily water changes with this mixture. I then noticed that out of nowhere, the gray splotches returned WORSE and the gray areas on his fins are now full blown holes...This happened in about 1-2 days after he started to look better. The crazy thing is, is that the splotches reappeared in the SAME places they were before. He wasn't clamping up at first, but now he's clamping a bit, and seems to tire easily. He still has a good appetite though.

I can't get to the store until saturday, and have been told to look for 'BettaFix' or 'Melafix' but I don't know what's the best way to go about it.

I have several bettas, but this one is my VERY favorite. He's usually kept right next to my bed. I love him VERY much and am VERY worried about him!

Please help...
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Can you get a pic of him? Do the gray splotches look fuzzy like columnaris?

Avoid Bettafix and Melafix. You'll have a better chance of helping him with just AQ salt. If it's columnaris, I recommend you do this: 3 tsps of AQ salt, lower the temp to about 76 degrees. That will slow the growth of the bacteria. Also use tannins if you can. Tannins can come from Indian Almond Leaf, crushed clean and dry oak leaves, or decaffeinated green tea that has no added flavors.

Hope this helps. Keep us posted!
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The fact that he has holes worries me, columnaris usually is white fuzzy spots or patches. Grey with holes, sounds like a rot of some sort.

If you do go medications, Miracyn and Miracyn II are what you look for. Could you post a pic of this??
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Did you stop treatment after the 3 days? Normally treatments need a little longer, a few days after you stop seeing the problems. It may have been he was getting better, but in the middle of the treatment you stopped and it came back full force since it wasn't all the way gone.
As far as what it is, and how to treat it, the others got you covered ;)
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